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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Get Back to Work!

     Nothing is too hard to do, besides, it is boring. Know why? You learn zip, you fail to experience more failure, with the odd success, you get none of the satisfaction of accomplishment, your learning curve is flat, so stop the unrewarding boring hard task of doing nothing, and grow a Rhubard Plant. It just so happens we have seed from the Giant Stomville Rhubard. Order now for this years seed, only 10$ Each, limit of two per customer. This Special Rip Off is too good to be true. If you order two we will pay the shipping, and as a extra bonus we will give you two free seeds. Order now and get Four Seeds for the price of two, $20. Do Something, forget about easy. Stop watching your money, it will not move, money is dead, on the other hand, rhubarb can really get things moving, even 4,000 feet above sea level.
     All shipping is done by Canada's new Postal System. It is free. Pass It On Mail. Delivery is not guaranteed as it could run into a dead space, where everybody is doing nothing worth doing. Like in an Insurance Office.

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