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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Garden Party, Next Level.

     The Garden Party cares not who claims ownership of pieces of the earth, and we know more than we need to about Land Lords. However we are now providing another concept of working on existing agricultural enterprises. Organic will be the goal, but non-organic farming can also apply The Concept. 
     Any new road we travel down will have its curves and bumps and sometimes dead ends, but if the dream of a better world stays strong, we take the little steps forward, we together with many will continue to make dreams reality.
     For example, a fruit orchard can be also a education facility, replacing school studies. While picking up wormy apples off the ground, first graders could study the worms, remove a pest away from the trees that would otherwise complete their cycle and reinfect next years crop. We are just saying, all that is learned or memorized in schools, can be better understood if the learning is by application, and there is plenty to learn and yet to discover. Why do we still have concentration camps called schools that dumb out kids? Just saying, any farms, gardens, orchards, could be used as teaching and learning facilities for all ages and still provide product. The education could provide students to grow some of their own, or to start their 'community gardens'. This is the direction we are now embarking on with existing growers that put the earth and all it's critters ahead of greed. We need each other, we need good food, we need a diverse environment, we need to compost money, one carrot, one small step each day, the dream remains, pick up the shovel and start digging. 
     The Garden Party is available almost anywhere in British Columbia if you need assistance to start or help to maintain and grow food to feed the need.

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