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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Canada's New Parliament.

     Official today in Stromville BC. Canada's first Self Government Parliament is in session for the rest of the Summer. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders that oversees a territory larger than that of the fraud elected Government of Canada are not limited by borders and bankers and voters, grows squash on banks, and votes with shovels. 
     As far as bankers go, our new Minister of Community Forests for BC, has suggest money changers be given saws and shovels to make their social contribution. The Minister has a job to do and is ready to go to work Developing Community Forests to best serve the needs locally and globally. The Minister is on the GP Instant Emergency Response Team, ready to go anywhere in BC to set up models that will continue diversity for the long haul. Forests Forever Concept. 
     A second garden location near Stromville could be started on a property near by, which is for sale for about $20,000. This property, would become a centre for social community building and high altitude gardening, set in 1930's and 40's. A kind of living Museum, with a future. Send your Taxes to Stromville, only need $20,000,  to start this project. Pass on your contributions to Judge Baillie, Mayor of Stromville, it's a shovels ready job waiting to happen, the sooner the better. If you having trouble and can't get your ass in gear, try our famous rhubarb, that will get things moving.

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