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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Canada's New Parliament.

     Official today in Stromville BC. Canada's first Self Government Parliament is in session for the rest of the Summer. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders that oversees a territory larger than that of the fraud elected Government of Canada are not limited by borders and bankers and voters, grows squash on banks, and votes with shovels. 
     As far as bankers go, our new Minister of Community Forests for BC, has suggest money changers be given saws and shovels to make their social contribution. The Minister has a job to do and is ready to go to work Developing Community Forests to best serve the needs locally and globally. The Minister is on the GP Instant Emergency Response Team, ready to go anywhere in BC to set up models that will continue diversity for the long haul. Forests Forever Concept. 
     A second garden location near Stromville could be started on a property near by, which is for sale for about $20,000. This property, would become a centre for social community building and high altitude gardening, set in 1930's and 40's. A kind of living Museum, with a future. Send your Taxes to Stromville, only need $20,000,  to start this project. Pass on your contributions to Judge Baillie, Mayor of Stromville, it's a shovels ready job waiting to happen, the sooner the better. If you having trouble and can't get your ass in gear, try our famous rhubarb, that will get things moving.

Garden Party, Next Level.

     The Garden Party cares not who claims ownership of pieces of the earth, and we know more than we need to about Land Lords. However we are now providing another concept of working on existing agricultural enterprises. Organic will be the goal, but non-organic farming can also apply The Concept. 
     Any new road we travel down will have its curves and bumps and sometimes dead ends, but if the dream of a better world stays strong, we take the little steps forward, we together with many will continue to make dreams reality.
     For example, a fruit orchard can be also a education facility, replacing school studies. While picking up wormy apples off the ground, first graders could study the worms, remove a pest away from the trees that would otherwise complete their cycle and reinfect next years crop. We are just saying, all that is learned or memorized in schools, can be better understood if the learning is by application, and there is plenty to learn and yet to discover. Why do we still have concentration camps called schools that dumb out kids? Just saying, any farms, gardens, orchards, could be used as teaching and learning facilities for all ages and still provide product. The education could provide students to grow some of their own, or to start their 'community gardens'. This is the direction we are now embarking on with existing growers that put the earth and all it's critters ahead of greed. We need each other, we need good food, we need a diverse environment, we need to compost money, one carrot, one small step each day, the dream remains, pick up the shovel and start digging. 
     The Garden Party is available almost anywhere in British Columbia if you need assistance to start or help to maintain and grow food to feed the need.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Self Government Developing.

      Self Government puts government directly in the control of the people who practice the concept. To be effective, requires agreement of others, and is relatively easy when benefits are mutual. The tenents of all major religions, and political philosophies, such as socialism, communism, democracy are not in conflict with self government. However the central power of these institutions, both religious and political will corrupt. That is the nature of power, power corrupts, complete power corrupts completely. 
     One person, giving up individual power to any institution or person is not a big deal, but when millions of people give up their individual power to say yes or no, they can end up in a pickle jar. When opposition is suppressed, equality and freedoms go out the window. Turkey, the latest example. There is not one country that is safe under even a Democracy, when Governments turn from civil servants to public dictators. 
     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders, The Garden Party does not recognize Dictators of any form of Government, they all corrupt, it is the nature of Power. Canada now is bailing out Ukraine's Criminal Government even when 90% of Ukrainians do not trust the government. 

Gov Bails Out Banks. Canada.

      Real Estate prices are about to tank in Canada because people cannot pay their mortgages or even their rents. Land lords are constantly having to evict tenents. So the Illegally Elected Government of Canada, is digging in the public purse to give all families extra cash per child, so they can hand that cash over to pay the Land Lords, who give it to the Corrupt Financial Instutions, the Banks. Another bail out bandaid on the collapsing concept of property ownership and dictates of money, all headed to The Garden Party Compost.
    Almost Free Store in Quesnel BC.
    More gardening, less golfing.

Get Back to Work!

     Nothing is too hard to do, besides, it is boring. Know why? You learn zip, you fail to experience more failure, with the odd success, you get none of the satisfaction of accomplishment, your learning curve is flat, so stop the unrewarding boring hard task of doing nothing, and grow a Rhubard Plant. It just so happens we have seed from the Giant Stomville Rhubard. Order now for this years seed, only 10$ Each, limit of two per customer. This Special Rip Off is too good to be true. If you order two we will pay the shipping, and as a extra bonus we will give you two free seeds. Order now and get Four Seeds for the price of two, $20. Do Something, forget about easy. Stop watching your money, it will not move, money is dead, on the other hand, rhubarb can really get things moving, even 4,000 feet above sea level.
     All shipping is done by Canada's new Postal System. It is free. Pass It On Mail. Delivery is not guaranteed as it could run into a dead space, where everybody is doing nothing worth doing. Like in an Insurance Office.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hands Up !

      Soft clean hands under arrest, obvious working for organized crime laundering money. Hard rough dirty hands under arrest, must be growing food to feed organized crime and crew. You can't do a right thing in a wrong world, everybody under arrest. Punishment: life inprisonment on Penal Colony Earth.
    Weeding in Stomville and expanding gardens. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Occupation Spences Bridge.

   First Roots going in the ground in Spences Bridge, BC, the hot and dry interior of the province. Not all plans work out but there is no limit to our efforts to change the agricultural practices in Canada. 

Garden Party Members Growing.

     Adoption, the latest method of increasing membership, for use by Self Government, anywhere. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders, established Dec. 21st 2012 now has 30,000,000 members in Canada due to our new policy of adoption of all opposition. 
     We are extending our adoption policy to the first 5,000,000 people that will be leaving Turkey, as a matter of fact Canada with open borders will soon be the biggest refugee camp in the world with a flood of Americans coming North to give blood to our Mosquitoes. 
     If the USA is Going to be Great Again, Canada may have to built a Great Wall from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and make the US pay for it construction.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Address The Cause.

     Addressing inequalities might be helpful, but more police, security forces, and military just adds fuel to frustration felt by the disenfranchised. Harassment, Racism, Inequality are prevalent features in Canada and the USA. It appears those ailments are common in France, UK, Australia and just about everywhere else. Some of the population with overflowing plates, while some others who experence empty bellies and see no hope for the future react when pushed beyond their personal tolerance level.
     There is no end to ideas for screwing up Society by any member, no doubt a few might be stopped by force, but more likely the more forces applied the more people will react and do terrible things as has just happened in France. Protection from acts of terror or desperation is impossible in today's world. Every 'act of terror' becomes the only news blasted out by mainstream media, fear increases in the public, repression increases and the voices crying for help and action by those who are offering solutions are ignored and get little or no news coverage or resources. We keep hearing empty words of sorrow for the victims and their families from political leaders while the countries they represent keep peddling guns. Instead of dealing with the inequalities, poverty, racism we put more resources in security and more oppression, and even oppression of those who are working on necessary social changes.
     Still against all odds, people carry on laying the rejected brick to build the foundation for a new beginning, pulling the weeds from the neglected garden, and keep in sight the goal of a world we can all say 'good enough' for today. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Olympics In Compost.

     Giving away tickets, to make it look like people are interested. The only interesting thing about the Olympics is finding out that other countries are just as corrupt as our own. We in Canada just use more smart lawyers and Government Registed Accountants to get the same result. That is of course, to get in the public pot and put as much as possible in your own purse as fast as you can, then buy a house in Vancouver to hide the cookies.
     Greed is a contagious disease and is spread in brief cases to all Governments. As soon as you throw out the established brief cases, a whole bunch of new brief cases move in and you can be sure, one brief case will be carting the contagious disease that will spread until one day you will want to throw them all out again. 
    Solution: to end the spread of brief case contagious disease, cancel the public pot Olympics and give all Galdiators a metal shovel. Then they can compete doing something useful in their life. 
     Keep up the Good Work Brazil, the silly games are not yet over, but we are winning, and this should be the last Olympics. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016


      Shutting down NATO, that is what the Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders has decided. Every moron tiller of the soil we asked, agreed. Every educated banker we asked, disagreed. In Canada the Dumb Farmers out number the Smart Bankers. Since we in Canada live by the majority rules principle of a Democracy, Morons Win. Shut Down NATO. 
    So why is Canada sending Ships, jets, and soldiers to Latvia? When all the dumb Canadians, if asked, would say no to rattling sabres on the borders of Russia? Maybe some smart bankers might agree, but when is the vote of one smart banker worth more than one dumb farmer? The truth might be shocking, but according to The Garden Party Minister of Finance, a thousand smart Bankers are not worth the vote of one dumb farmer, even a really dumb farmer. So until the job is done, and the Job of NATO IS DONE, the morons of the Garden Party will not be feeding peas to any of the smart members of NATO.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Canada, Get Out!

     At least there a few people who live in Corporate Canada who agree, "Get Out of Eastern Europe and Get Out of NATO!"
    And quit exporting War Equipment.
    Agree or Disagree? Comment.

Garden Party Background.

     Occupation Apple Tree is a gardening project to directly invoke local food production throughout BC, Canada. Any land made available will soon see food being made available to meet some of the local need for those most in need. Every community should be able to feed itself, even if it imports food. If for some reason those imports fail to arrive, eat your local food, fresher and better, less garbage packaging, removing the need of money for sustenance in the process. 
     Gardening is a pleasure to do, and is the best action to take to de-grow the money economy, revive the environment and leave a good taste in your mouth.
     The Garden Party is Political, has publicly declared it self, Self Government of BC, then Self Government of Canada Without Borders. The Self Government, since its official announcement, Dec 21st 2012, has been expanding yearly without any tax collection. Our Minister of Finance is still living in a tent in a park and refuses to touch money, claiming it is all dirty. We have not gone over budget on any of our many projects in the past four years, all costs are accounted for, benefits are growing, that is real economy. 
     Waste is what grows the money economy. Armed Vehicles are Waste, shipped to the Russian Border is more waste, but, if they get blown up it would be great for the money economy. Plain and simply, money will end by public desire, or it will end, when making money wipes out the moneymakers, there is no choice, just try making up your mind.  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Money Systems Crumbling.

     The Honest Dollar disappeared the moment money started being created out of debt and called an asset. By putting dollars and nonsense as the value of garlic, trees, land, or work, we lose what is the real value, and real costs of everything. The only value that money has is in 'The Belief' that money has value, as long as people 'believe', and reinforce that 'belief' by selling and buying, the belief makes Money a Real Value in the mind. Santa Is also a Real Entity to a child's mind until exposed. Even though most people have already heard about the fiction of money created by debt, or written out of the sky and used as a tool of control to reward or punish both believers and non-believers, its grip and constant reinforcement by measuring real value by worth in money has kept it going in spite of past crashes. That is no longer possible because today money is understood for what its 'real' value is, nothing more than a belief. As more 'non-believers' are moving outside of the control of money, some ending up on the streets in Canada, and no doubt elsewhere living in the bush or in vehicles, great efforts are being made to get them into houseing, where money has to be paid by someone. Most Non Believers are buying only bare necessities. Non believers are trying to avoid the bought armies of pay check slave regulators who are really a form of police trying to force even tent city occupants back into housing. The public has to pay for the money 'costs', all to maintain the 'belief' that money is a real value, and insist that we cannot function without it. 
     But we do not need fairy tales or money to function, eat, sleep or build shelters. Only the pyramid of control needs to have the Belief Of Money maintained to keep their Slave/ Master structure of ownership and rule continuing. Yet it is all coming undone around the world. There is at the same time thousands of small projects getting established without, even in War Promoting Canada that is now sending 500 Soldiers to Latvia. We suggest they take with them body bags, as that is how they may well return. It would be better they take up shovels and garden, but Mr Peaceful Nice Guy, Back Spinning Fraud PM of Canada, is sending them over with guns and threats to Russia. Prepare the Graveyards Canada, for more duped Heros fighting for God, Country, and Money.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

BC Real Estate Deals.

     Almost New, four room, unfurnished chicken coop, wired, suitable for foreign investors with plenty of space to hide dirty money, only $524,056.87.  Excellent view, low taxes, outside plumbing, close to mental hospital. For quick sale to pay fines awarded to Her Majesty.