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Saturday, June 4, 2016

To Serve, or Not Serve?

     Where does one draw the line in the sand, and say, "no longer will I serve organized crime to maintain a world monitory system that has taken control of elections, of Governments and the Courts". Money directs the world, those who have the gold, make the rules, that is the golden rule. The people have nothing to say. Democracy and freedom are an illusion in Canada.
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada is increasing sanctions, and no, we do not need the permission of Moneygod, or paycheck slaves maintaining organized crime, to tell us that we must participate in this corruption, or be silenced by fines, now reaching 30,000  Canadian dollars, for calling a spade, a spade.
     Are these unpressidented fines an attempt at intimidation? The Garden Party is not going to shut up, serve organized crime, or pay the fines imposed by Judge Hughes of The Federal Court of Canada, for challenging the fixed elections that ignore the Canadian Constitution. In fact, at least one of those charged was not informed of the kangaroo Federal Court date that took place on May 12, 2016 in Vancouver. That is enough to call the court proceedings illegal, and that is what The Garden Party is calling The Federal Court and Judgment, Re: T-1748-15, David Shebib, David Arthur Johnston, Louis Lesosky v Her Majesty the Queen, Attorney General of Canada, Leader of the House of Commons, The Chief Electoral Officer and returning officer Margot Briggs.  
     The Election Act changes that have taken place, since members of The Garden Party first ran in 1980, are contrary to the Constitution. Members were called frivolous in 1980 for bringing the environment into Federal Electons, just like Judge Hughes calls the Garden Party Members now for challenging election rules. Since we started running in elections, and we have run in many over the last thirty years, the regulations and requirements for the average person not representing a mainstream party, has reached the point that members were unable to meet requirements in both, the last BC provincial election, and the last Canadian federal election. Rules require nomination papers be signed by a Licensed (Government Licensed) Chartered Accountant.  It has been getting harder to find a CA to sign our papers over the last 15 years. The last two elections, we were refused by every CA contacted to sign our nomination papers. Frivolous? Loss of Constutional Rights, Frivolous?
     There is no law that forces a CA to sign nomination papers. The Garden Party wants equal opportunity for all Canadians to have garlic and to participate in Government, as stated in the Constitution. The Court was the last resort, for our bad breath, and for that, we were given Canadian Justice, five or six fines of 5000 dollars each. Do you know how many Garlic you have to grow to pay $30,000 to a Court that lasted 30 minutes? 
     The fact remains, a very large part of the citizens of Canada, more than fifty two present, would have a very difficult time, impossible for some, to fully participate in Elections Without The Canadian Constitution Rights Respected. Why should The Garden Party Recognize, or Respect,  False Elected Governments, or the Courts of appointed judges, who do not respect Canada's Highest Laws? We remain in contempt of court. 
     The only logical next step The Garden Party can take when blocked from elections is, Declare Self Government and take back Canada one spade of dirt at a time. 
     Gardening in Quesnel BC is done. Expanded Stromville Rhubarb Gardens are progressing, now we would like to find land to start a Nursery in the Revelstoke area of BC, as a next step of our Degrowth Project. Any Ideas for land? Text or phone Louis Lesosky: 1-604-928-3663.

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