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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Homeland Security.

     Military Gun Carrying Police State; is that how we are to achieve Homeland Security? Not likly, every military styled police force, from jail guards to border guards to Canada's Royal Red Coats, to the provincial  and city police forces, turnout to be abusive enforcers on their own account, or, on orders from headquarters. Follow the Money, the Yellow Brick Road, to get to Headquarters.
     Canada has a long record of abusive police force being used to suppress social change, the police have been used by business and Government as tools to maintain the status quo. Many died in the struggle for fair wages, the right to vote, for Justice in Fixed Courts, for the abolishment of Government Blacklists, and to stop the police thugs.  
     Homeland Security can be achieved to a greater extent by growing a garden on your front lawn to feed the local need, than spend another million on yet another security guard that may steal more than your cucumbers. 
     No Homeland is Secure Forever. Climate Change, Nuclear War, Grasshoppers, any number of things can happen today at any time, by nature, or by human mistake.  Homeland Security Forces may not be helpful.

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