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Monday, June 20, 2016

Canada #2 Arms Exporter, M.East.

     #1 World Seller of arms is USA. In sales to the Middle East, Canada was  fifth or sixth until this year, but now, Canada is second. So much for the Canadian Illusion as a Peaceful Nation. Canadian Pension Funds, that should be invested in what Sustains Life, are instead invested in what ends life, the Military Industry. Blood Money.  
     There will never be peace made from the barrel of a gun. The truth remains the same, it needs no defence, only the lie needs offensive weapons. Filling the world up with arms for profits is Anti Social Behavior. Socially Sick Countries allow indiscriminate sales of Weapons for Export. Canada, Canadians are Guilty of Aiding Crimes against Humanity. 
     The Self Government of Canada, The Garden Party suggests a General Strike until our demands are met, 
     : Withdraw from NATO.
     : Stop all Arms Exports.
     : Local Food Self Reliance. 
     : Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 15% Per Year for Three Years.
     : Convert Military to Emergency Response. 
      The Garden Party is Considering Running 85 Candidates in the Next BC Provincial Election. It's a ground-up world party, get in touch if you have an interest, we can talk, and see where it goes from there. 

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