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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stromville Gardens.

     Two Gardens last year, both expanded this year and five more started. The Mayor of Stromville now wants to expand all the gardens until there is just one. Stromville may be the first Ghost Town in BC not only to be off the grid, but to be able to feed its entire population. Six Year Project, claims the Mayor. Nights still freezing and five more gardens started. The Mayor would be glad to show all seven Gardens to tourists, he has extra shovels, and will have plenty of rhubarb pie. 
     Getting Ready to go East, with a stop in Revelstoke BC. Prune Plums are of a great interest to the Garden Party, who really want to get things moving.  Feels like we will be wanting about 100,000 plum trees.  Antenna is up, investigation begans tomorrow or the next day in Revelstoke, BC, order your now, for one seeding the value is priceless, naturally.

    Stromville, BC, where Rhubarb has more value than Gold. Obviously.

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