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Friday, May 6, 2016

Dreams Can Come True.

      Garden Party now includes Fofilling Dreams, added to the list of jobs for our growing emergency response team. Of course we would rather be busy Fofilling Deeams than laying around complaining how bad things are.
      So what was that dream that you had for the land, farm, that you are sitting on?And could never do it on your own, or you lacked the resources.  If it is still a good dream today to share with the community, you can now count on The Self Government of Canada Without Borders to Respond Instantaneously to Fofilling Those Dreams. If you are Dreaming of Money, Dream On. Because The Garden Party is Dreaming its way out of that nightmare. 
     Basically, the Garden Party is looking for farm lands, across Western Canada, to set up model small and large farms, and grow the seed stock for what is going to be in demand as agriculture goes through big changes in the next few years. Each farm is a part of the Garden, and when they all meet, we will have one garden. The Garden of Eden? Dreams?
     Pass this message on to all old farmers who still remember the dream for the land they love. From the Deputy Minister, Self  Government of Canada Without Borders. Pleasant Dreams.

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