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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Common Sights of Alberta.

     The Southern Parts of Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba will be a desert in few years of little snow fall and hot dry summers. By observation of The Agriculture Deputy Minister of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, the new weather changes over the last few years have been warmer and drier, corp failures are expected to be many this year. 
     Even without climate change, the present direction and practices of farming on the majority of the Canadian Prairies is unsustainable. The top soil is already mostly gone. The millions of tons of herbicides and Pesticides spread over vast areas every year are now having long term consequences. Have a Glass of Well water. Wells, ponds, creeks and streams, rivers and oceans, is where that stuff goes. It's on your toast, in your coffee, on your fruit,  and in your body. Not sustainable.  Must be changed, no buts about it, good English or not, the important thing is not language or spelling, it is Action. Start a small garden, and let it grow bigger each year, 
     Found one or two projects to start in Revelstoke on the return trip, but will be looking into developing the Horse Radish Industry in Manitoba. In Winnipeg Now.

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