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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chipping Our Way To Hell.

     See all those hundreds of Wood Chip Trucks on our highways all over BC. The forests are getting cleaned right out, even the small stuff is getting chopped up for wood chips. It is no different than growing grain and removing the straw every harvest, if you remove everything that makes Topsoil, you will end up with a barren land, desert.
     One of those drivers, of the Chip Trucks is an Organic Farmer, who is working to pay for the farm, but has no time to develop his farm. He is becoming a truck driver who may one day own the farm, but controlled by money, never get the opportunity to farm. That Garden Party is working on this situation, as well as two others, a million point three five would take care of everything .  One way or another, it will all get done, hopefully while we still have topsoil left on BC Mountains, not much top soil on the mountains to start with, handle carefully. 
     PS. Press board is made from wood chips and is toxic to breath, burn or bury.
     Grow a garden if you want organic vegetables, the farmers are driving trucks, Monsanto is hiring migrant workers to provide the market food that is not fit to feed to pigs. Chipping Our Way to.....!

     Tax Write Off, Directing Public Purse Funds.
     Found in Bush.

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