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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Canada Manufacturing War?

     Canada does make and sell arms. The Canadians have joined in the Never Ending War to stop wars that they provide the arms to get started. Great for the Econmy. Makes jobs.
    The very least Any Country can do, is to stop, one hundred percent, the export arms sales. Canada claims to be a peaceful nation, and sells arms to friendly countries, just like fifty other countries. The bottom line is money, no matter who you are if you have the money and dealers can make profits, manufacturers can make profits, employees can collect pay checks, and everybody else keeps there mouth shut, anybody can buy Canadian Killing Machines. Canadians will be at perpetual war, 
     Good place to start, is to stop all export of Arms to our International Friends, and yes that includes the USA. Refuse to supply materials and service to all people involved directly or indirectly in the Arms Industries. Boycott all goods from countries that make and sell arms. Less Guns might give Peace a Chance. More Guns will give Peace Zero Chance.
      Selling arms, calling for Peace, so Canadian. Hippocrates who deserve to be boycotted. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is applying full sanctions on all Canadian Products for as long as it takes to shut down Canadian arms exports. Canadians do not need to kill people to make a living, they just need to start a garden, and Make Peace! Spring is here, Dig In.

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