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Monday, May 30, 2016

Money Rules, Going Morel Picking.

     A brake on Garlic weeding, going to look for morel mushrooms on a last year fire near Prince George. Some to eat and, if the picking is good, some for drying. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Garlic Prices Quadruple.

     Farmers get Equal Pay to The Honourable Mr. Justice Hughes. A Garden Farmer growing 15,000 garlic cannot make a living at 2.50 a bulb. And Federal Judge Hughes must make at least 150,000 dollars a year and get a big pension. Well this is just to much for the Garden Party Humble Minister of Agriculture. Noting of course that the Minister was recently fined six five thousand dollar fines for challenging the Federal Elections by the Honourable Justice Hughes. It is not the Minister's intention to strip down Hughes Payoff, but to bring real Value, at least Equal Pay for Food Producers to that of Judges who throw books at Gardeners, Garbage Gurus and Monks who demand Equal Rights to Organized Crime.
     The Self Government Minister of Agriculture of Canada Without Borders has officially fixed the Price of Organically Grown Garlic in Canada at 10 dollars a bulb, free to monks. The Garden Party is now taking orders, 20 varieties, if the Minister finds out that Judge Hughes is making more than a conservative guess of 150,000 dollars, the garlic price will go up to match his pay.  All Profits go into the Parties slush bucket for Fofilling Political Promises of not paying taxes. Best order now for seed stock and take advantage of the constant increasing price of Garlic, directly tied to the Honourable Judge Hughes Wages, who certainly deserves no more pay than a Canadian farm labourer. Equal Pay to Judges for all farm workers and garbage collectors,  Garden Party Policy, past into Garden Party Law at our Two Patches of Garlic in Quesnel, where we are now Weeding 15,000 growing garlic, at Judges Wages.
     There is still time to plant a Garden, as you may have noticed, we are now driving up the price of food to catch up with inflation. There has never been a better time to grow food, than right now.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The New Reality: Mass Insanity.

     You don't have to be a Nut, to behave like one. As a matter of fact you have to behave like a nut just to function in this world. Only a nut would dream up national borders, yet most seem to accept this nutty idea of drawing lines in the sand like God is selling real estate. Yet, if one ignors borders, one can be put in jail. Now you have to cut down trees and make passports and visas, hire border guards, get searched, all because some nut made a border. Insanity! Traveling requires partaking in Insanity, and so it is with just about any action, we are forced to partake in Mass Insanity like it or not.
     While Members of the Canadian Parliament are calling for Election Reform and are applauded, The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders members have just got five or six, $5,000 fines for complaining about the fraud elections that have disenfranchised most of the population. All of the poor that do not belong to registered tax write off political parties have already lost the right of full participation in Elections and the Election Reforms that the MPs in Ottawa are talking about will not change anything. The Garden Party Exposes The Theft of Equal Rights and Gets Fined? Mass Insanity! We remain in Contempt of Court, the judges are not appointed by the people, nor are they of the people, beside our slush fund is empty from paying taxes to maintain Organized Crime. Elected Governments, Courts, Police, Law Firms. Not to mention all the big pensions for retired government workers to keep their wallets full and their mouths shut. To the compost with Mass Insanity. Dig In Spring is Here.

    Another Eviction, System Failure.

    Heading North at first light.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Garden Party Gets $30 Grand Fine,

      The Best Guess the Garden Party can come up with is that the Queen is short of cash for Groceries, and needs a bailout. We have been suggesting that the Royalty grow gardens for years, now with the price of food going up, not even the poor Qieen of England can afford to eat. Certainly the Judge, who swore to serve the Queen, can be quite upset when a garbage man drags the poor hungry queen into court in an attempt to uphold the Constitution Of Canada that declares equal opportunity to participate in election For All Citizens.  
     How could a Garbage Man have known that he was not a Citizen unless the Courts made it perfectly clear with a unheard of Fine of $30,000 for contesting what is illegal according to the Constitution. Canadian Citizens have been blocked from full participation in Government by Government, and now by the Courts. To the compost with the whole lot, the Garden Party is starting over, from the Ground Up. Dig In, Spring is here!
   The Mobile Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Saanich Convention is Over, Harrision Summit Starts Tomorrow, Manitoba on Hold for now, heading North Soon. 

Canadian Constitution Ignored.

    The Garden Party was refused full participation in the Election Process of both, BC and  Canada in the last elections. By the new rules for candidates seeking election, it is impossible to get on the ballat without a 'government licensed' accountant's signature agreeing to audit the candidate's election funds. 
      In the BC Provincial Election, After seeking out forty five 'Government licensed Accountants' and being run around the bush as to why they refused to sign our papers, and they all did refuse, the deadline for nominations past, The Garden Party participation was refused even though all other requirements were met. This Auditor Requirement is a new rule in BC Elections. This stopped at least three potential Candidates, perhaps there are more. Democracy Erosion. 
     The Canadian People as individuals have a constitution law that requires equal  opportunity to vote, and to participate as a Candidate. 52% of the population has already been eliminated from running in an Election by money requirements. All the pay check to pay check slaves and everybody who poorer as well as those who do not use money or Licensed Accountants are effectively blocked from the full process.
     For the Federal Election The Garden Party again failed to find a Government Certified Accountant to sign our Election Papers, so the nomination papers were used for a better purpose, to start a stove fire.  Self Government of Canada was Declared. We did take the case to court demanding our rights as stated in the Constitution, and the court was short of cash so we got a $30,000 fine for what was called trivia pursuit exposing that constitutional law is being broken. Now the Courts have also become complicit in Abuse of the Canadian Constitution, and therefore are not recognized by The Garden Party, as Courts Of Justice, but are seen for what they are, the tools of Organized Crime. Even the court proceedings were illegal as Louis Lesosky, Plaintiff, was not informed of the court date, as he was in Manitoba to see a brother who was about to have a triple bypass heart operation. Charged jointly with a $30,000 fine without knowledge of even a court proceedings, where is the Justice? We either have to appeal the ruling of Judge Robert T. Hughes, or remain in Contempt of Court. The fact remains, we were blocked from fully participating in Two Elections by made up rules that are illegal under The Constitution of Canada. The fines imposed by the Judge are unpressidented and beyond any means of payment, what is next, start locking up protesters? Democracy in Canada is a illusion.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Canada Manufacturing War?

     Canada does make and sell arms. The Canadians have joined in the Never Ending War to stop wars that they provide the arms to get started. Great for the Econmy. Makes jobs.
    The very least Any Country can do, is to stop, one hundred percent, the export arms sales. Canada claims to be a peaceful nation, and sells arms to friendly countries, just like fifty other countries. The bottom line is money, no matter who you are if you have the money and dealers can make profits, manufacturers can make profits, employees can collect pay checks, and everybody else keeps there mouth shut, anybody can buy Canadian Killing Machines. Canadians will be at perpetual war, 
     Good place to start, is to stop all export of Arms to our International Friends, and yes that includes the USA. Refuse to supply materials and service to all people involved directly or indirectly in the Arms Industries. Boycott all goods from countries that make and sell arms. Less Guns might give Peace a Chance. More Guns will give Peace Zero Chance.
      Selling arms, calling for Peace, so Canadian. Hippocrates who deserve to be boycotted. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, is applying full sanctions on all Canadian Products for as long as it takes to shut down Canadian arms exports. Canadians do not need to kill people to make a living, they just need to start a garden, and Make Peace! Spring is here, Dig In.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

How To Make A Desert.

     Follow the farming methods of corporate farms across Canada with their  deplete and poison agriculture, and we will create the Great Canadian Barrens. 
     Big Farming directs their farms from Office Towers. Robots, some Human, Work the farms. There are no farmers in the office towers. There are no land loving farmers on the soon to be desert land. 
      So, what are we going to do about it?  We are going to,,,just a moment,,,got to go, busÿ right now, will get back to you another time, lots of work to do. 
     Hands in the dirt today, progress will have to speed up.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Progress With Patience.

     Getting shovels in the ground in Manitoba. Looks like Asparagus, Walking Purple Onions and Horseradish are going to be a starting point, and will develop from these three plants. We will be searching for wild Asparagus tomorrow, already got walking purple onions that can winter in Manitoba today and will be digging up horseradish for replanting in the next few days. Yes, we are starting our first nursery in Manitoba within a week. MANITOBA FEEDS MANITOBA IN SIX YEARS. Out with Monsanto.
     Common Sites in Saskatchewan.

Dreams Can Come True.

      Garden Party now includes Fofilling Dreams, added to the list of jobs for our growing emergency response team. Of course we would rather be busy Fofilling Deeams than laying around complaining how bad things are.
      So what was that dream that you had for the land, farm, that you are sitting on?And could never do it on your own, or you lacked the resources.  If it is still a good dream today to share with the community, you can now count on The Self Government of Canada Without Borders to Respond Instantaneously to Fofilling Those Dreams. If you are Dreaming of Money, Dream On. Because The Garden Party is Dreaming its way out of that nightmare. 
     Basically, the Garden Party is looking for farm lands, across Western Canada, to set up model small and large farms, and grow the seed stock for what is going to be in demand as agriculture goes through big changes in the next few years. Each farm is a part of the Garden, and when they all meet, we will have one garden. The Garden of Eden? Dreams?
     Pass this message on to all old farmers who still remember the dream for the land they love. From the Deputy Minister, Self  Government of Canada Without Borders. Pleasant Dreams.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Common Sights of Alberta.

     The Southern Parts of Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba will be a desert in few years of little snow fall and hot dry summers. By observation of The Agriculture Deputy Minister of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, the new weather changes over the last few years have been warmer and drier, corp failures are expected to be many this year. 
     Even without climate change, the present direction and practices of farming on the majority of the Canadian Prairies is unsustainable. The top soil is already mostly gone. The millions of tons of herbicides and Pesticides spread over vast areas every year are now having long term consequences. Have a Glass of Well water. Wells, ponds, creeks and streams, rivers and oceans, is where that stuff goes. It's on your toast, in your coffee, on your fruit,  and in your body. Not sustainable.  Must be changed, no buts about it, good English or not, the important thing is not language or spelling, it is Action. Start a small garden, and let it grow bigger each year, 
     Found one or two projects to start in Revelstoke on the return trip, but will be looking into developing the Horse Radish Industry in Manitoba. In Winnipeg Now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chipping Our Way To Hell.

     See all those hundreds of Wood Chip Trucks on our highways all over BC. The forests are getting cleaned right out, even the small stuff is getting chopped up for wood chips. It is no different than growing grain and removing the straw every harvest, if you remove everything that makes Topsoil, you will end up with a barren land, desert.
     One of those drivers, of the Chip Trucks is an Organic Farmer, who is working to pay for the farm, but has no time to develop his farm. He is becoming a truck driver who may one day own the farm, but controlled by money, never get the opportunity to farm. That Garden Party is working on this situation, as well as two others, a million point three five would take care of everything .  One way or another, it will all get done, hopefully while we still have topsoil left on BC Mountains, not much top soil on the mountains to start with, handle carefully. 
     PS. Press board is made from wood chips and is toxic to breath, burn or bury.
     Grow a garden if you want organic vegetables, the farmers are driving trucks, Monsanto is hiring migrant workers to provide the market food that is not fit to feed to pigs. Chipping Our Way to.....!

     Tax Write Off, Directing Public Purse Funds.
     Found in Bush.

Monday, May 2, 2016

On The Road Again.

     Done in Stromville.  All is well in Quesnel, on the way to Revelstoke, no spare tire yet. 
    Can I Catch a Ride.
    Just throw that bug over here.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stromville Gardens.

     Two Gardens last year, both expanded this year and five more started. The Mayor of Stromville now wants to expand all the gardens until there is just one. Stromville may be the first Ghost Town in BC not only to be off the grid, but to be able to feed its entire population. Six Year Project, claims the Mayor. Nights still freezing and five more gardens started. The Mayor would be glad to show all seven Gardens to tourists, he has extra shovels, and will have plenty of rhubarb pie. 
     Getting Ready to go East, with a stop in Revelstoke BC. Prune Plums are of a great interest to the Garden Party, who really want to get things moving.  Feels like we will be wanting about 100,000 plum trees.  Antenna is up, investigation begans tomorrow or the next day in Revelstoke, BC, order your now, for one seeding the value is priceless, naturally.

    Stromville, BC, where Rhubarb has more value than Gold. Obviously.