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Friday, April 22, 2016

Stay Healthy Canada.

     Natural surroundings, free camping, river frontage, mixed diverse forest, open fields mostly covered with grass, great place to work out for a few hours, or all day long if you are so inclined.
     To keep a body active as you get older means you will be healthier than you would be otherwise. What more rewarding occupation can you do than help out a Garden Farmer, and stay healthier at the same time? And, have a home away from home. 
     This place has potential for lots of projects, besides helping the farmer, we will be starting a nursery here this year, just outside of Quesnel BC. Also at least one location in Manitoba, an hours drive from Winnipeg. Workers welcome, pay is the pits, but the benefits would fill the black hole. 
     Canada Feeds Canada in Six Years.

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