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Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Minister of Agriculture, Canada.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders has a new Minister of Agriculture, with a whole life experience as a logger. He has never done farming or gardening but can describe in detail the size of rhubarb growing in Stromville BC. His intention is to make Stromville the Rhubarb Pie In Your Face Capital Of Canada. Ideas for a third and forth garden location were discussed in parliament today, plans were made, and funds will be made available from charging $12,560 a plate rhubarb dinners to meet our New Minister of Agriculture. Funding to start at Taxpayers Expense for the third location, set for tomorrow, diverting organic materials headed from the dump, to a new community serving garden. A fourth area, if plans progress, will have to be fenced to keep out cats, that location is not definite, but would benefit Wells BC and would eventually help create several local industries that operate all winter. Stable Local Industry Development slides in with ever new nursery that gets started by the Garden Party, there is already a foundry in the works gathering the tooling and resource materials. Steel, lumber were dropped off at the local dump for our little red dump truck to pick up today. Now that is Real Change, Idea presented to parliament, today, agreed upon today, took action before the Sun Went Down, hands on shovels and rakes, to work out the details tomorrow. The Forth Location will be experimental gardens and seed propagation for short season high altitude edibles and growing diverse seed stock to make available to matching conditions across Canada, Russia, and North Korea. 
     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders that puts pot in the same position legally as cucumbers, does not recognize Elected Governments as Legal According to the Constitution of Fair Play, and therefore sets its own local and foreign policies, and changes them as required. As a token of Good Will, the Garden Party has dropped sanctions against Russia and North Korea. If they need Rhubarb, Stromville will be the place to shop. Order Your seed from our Giant Rhubarb now, only $20 per seed, no guarantees, no returns or replacements, otherwise the seeds are Free, and can be picked up from the Mayor of Stromville. 
     STROMVILLE FEEDS STROMVILLE IN SIX YEARS, be sure to visit our Gardens.

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