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Monday, April 25, 2016

Black Hole Tour Moving.

     Next Destination; Stomville BC, to plant some rhubarb. There is lots to do in Stromville, the Mayor is working on 12 of his priority projects on a fixed budget of what gets discarded at the local dump. There is competition at the dump and with the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada in town, pickings will be slim. A permanent residents here is under consideration.  Parliament of Canada might be re-established in Wells BC. A lot of people will be upset by that move.  Real estate values would drop, Wells BC could turn in a Ghost Town Tourist Attraction run by the Mayor of Stromville. Like we said, lots to do in Stromville, and once you meet the Mayor, the town will know you have arrived ready to get into action. 
     Must See and Experience for all Rhubarb Pie Loving Tourists, two stories high, leaves that could cover two cows. Amazing what a little moose dung will do to rhubarb. Be sure to Get A Pie from the Mayor and eat it in the back seat his 1926 Chevy while he works on getting it running (project 9). The Spring Seats are quit comfortable.

    Ten piles of Lumber, now stacked, red and yellow cedar, mostly pine, await projects. 

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