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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bribes BC.

     Face the facts, the Liberal Party of BC takes bribes for every plate of rhubarb pie, $5000 a Plate tax write off, taxes are public money, given instead, under the cover of Fund raising for the Liberal Political Party, who in turn can hand it out as bonus for its special hard pressed puppet people, such as the Fraud Election Elected Premier who already gets $192,000 of public money. They do not call these fund raisers a bribe, but the results are equal. When a Politician accepts bribes for favours, it is called corruption, when people pay $5000.00 for a piece of Rhubarb Pie, something is rotton in the provincial capital and it is not the rhubarb. Elected Governments just write the laws, and legalize what we called a crime, and say they are not doing any wrong, even as they get richer accepting money for pie, different process, same result. Seems to happen to every kind of government, all vary in degrees as to the amount of graft, and when ruling parties are at risk of being disposed with, they are in a big rush to get mega projects going that they will see personal benefits from for years, even decades. How do you think people get rich? Big money is all ill gotten gain, but more than that, big money controls governments. The BC Government is just as corrupt as New Brunswick, or Poland, or Australia, or the USA. What is not in your wallet that should be there? Some is now in Liberal Party Pockets. Just the facts from the Minister of Finance, Self Government of Canada, accepting bribes from all corporations. Sorry, no Tax write offs.

Occupation Stromville

     Three Garden Locations, one starting, two expanding, all in The Rhubard Pie in Your Face Capital of Canada, Stromville BC and a fourth still on the idea list for Wells BC, two kilometres from Stomville. Will be working in the dirt here for a few days, then heading East to Manitoba to start a Horse Radish Industry. 

New Minister of Agriculture, Canada.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders has a new Minister of Agriculture, with a whole life experience as a logger. He has never done farming or gardening but can describe in detail the size of rhubarb growing in Stromville BC. His intention is to make Stromville the Rhubarb Pie In Your Face Capital Of Canada. Ideas for a third and forth garden location were discussed in parliament today, plans were made, and funds will be made available from charging $12,560 a plate rhubarb dinners to meet our New Minister of Agriculture. Funding to start at Taxpayers Expense for the third location, set for tomorrow, diverting organic materials headed from the dump, to a new community serving garden. A fourth area, if plans progress, will have to be fenced to keep out cats, that location is not definite, but would benefit Wells BC and would eventually help create several local industries that operate all winter. Stable Local Industry Development slides in with ever new nursery that gets started by the Garden Party, there is already a foundry in the works gathering the tooling and resource materials. Steel, lumber were dropped off at the local dump for our little red dump truck to pick up today. Now that is Real Change, Idea presented to parliament, today, agreed upon today, took action before the Sun Went Down, hands on shovels and rakes, to work out the details tomorrow. The Forth Location will be experimental gardens and seed propagation for short season high altitude edibles and growing diverse seed stock to make available to matching conditions across Canada, Russia, and North Korea. 
     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders that puts pot in the same position legally as cucumbers, does not recognize Elected Governments as Legal According to the Constitution of Fair Play, and therefore sets its own local and foreign policies, and changes them as required. As a token of Good Will, the Garden Party has dropped sanctions against Russia and North Korea. If they need Rhubarb, Stromville will be the place to shop. Order Your seed from our Giant Rhubarb now, only $20 per seed, no guarantees, no returns or replacements, otherwise the seeds are Free, and can be picked up from the Mayor of Stromville. 
     STROMVILLE FEEDS STROMVILLE IN SIX YEARS, be sure to visit our Gardens.

Canada Composts NATO.

     Time to retire NATO, its Cold War purpose has been fulfilled, Russia is no longer a threat to Western Democrary, no longer a need for NATO.
     No longer any reason we remain a tool obligated to help the USA, Governed by Big Money, to be the World Policeman, with their 800 Military Bases around the world, and who knows what nut could be elected President. It almost seems that if Trump Wins the American Support in the election, Canada should build a wall to prevent mass insanity spreading North, and of course make the Americians pay for the Great Wall from cost to cost, to cost. 
      The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders DECLARES: IN THE COMPOST NATO, all troops serving NATO Overseas, come home, Spring is Here, pick up a shovel. Right now at 4000 feet, one outside Garden is pushing up giant rhubarb, horseradish, chives, garlic and four carrots. Start Your Garden, a healthier choice for a longer life.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Black Hole Tour Moving.

     Next Destination; Stomville BC, to plant some rhubarb. There is lots to do in Stromville, the Mayor is working on 12 of his priority projects on a fixed budget of what gets discarded at the local dump. There is competition at the dump and with the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada in town, pickings will be slim. A permanent residents here is under consideration.  Parliament of Canada might be re-established in Wells BC. A lot of people will be upset by that move.  Real estate values would drop, Wells BC could turn in a Ghost Town Tourist Attraction run by the Mayor of Stromville. Like we said, lots to do in Stromville, and once you meet the Mayor, the town will know you have arrived ready to get into action. 
     Must See and Experience for all Rhubarb Pie Loving Tourists, two stories high, leaves that could cover two cows. Amazing what a little moose dung will do to rhubarb. Be sure to Get A Pie from the Mayor and eat it in the back seat his 1926 Chevy while he works on getting it running (project 9). The Spring Seats are quit comfortable.

    Ten piles of Lumber, now stacked, red and yellow cedar, mostly pine, await projects. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Coffee Sales Dropping, Canada.

     The Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment has not had a coffee today, of course that will have big repercussions with thousands of layoffs in the coffee industry, right to the slaves picking coffee beans on Corporate Farms. The savings will be adding to the The Garden Party Austerity 20% Less Buying Plan for 2016. Investors in the coffee business should pull out before the world pending coffee glut crashes. Due to insider information our projections are as good as hindsight19 out of 19 times. Invest in your local food production for benefits in perpetuity.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Little Bit Every Day.

    Setting up Trailer to live in for now, it will stay here for the season, for use by others that may want to help out with what needs doing here on the farm in Quesnel. Stacked most of a lumber pile, had a Visit from His Worship Mayor of Stromville, population of one, and he provided coffee and gave us a tour looking for morels. The Mayor has nobody to tax, so his expenses are paid by the Oil Patch. 
     Since Official Becoming Mayor of Stromville, Approved by The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, His Worship Quit the Oil Patch, and now may be seen begging along the road between Wells and Barkervllle, or selling used cars and rhubarb in the Middle of Town, Stromville BC. Drop in and wonder around, lots of neat old stuff to look at and handle, no charge but remember, the Mayor collects no taxes, a homemade rhubarb pie would be nice, while the mayor supervises the restoration of a log cabin, our little red dump truck emergency response is on its way to selvage beams from the local dump. Stromville has the fastest growing economy in BC. Living Accomedations are expected to double this year, so says the Mayor. We also expect to double our 4000 Altitude Nursery in Stromville again this year. Fantastic Rhubarb.
    Stromville Feeds Stromville in Six Years.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Stay Healthy Canada.

     Natural surroundings, free camping, river frontage, mixed diverse forest, open fields mostly covered with grass, great place to work out for a few hours, or all day long if you are so inclined.
     To keep a body active as you get older means you will be healthier than you would be otherwise. What more rewarding occupation can you do than help out a Garden Farmer, and stay healthier at the same time? And, have a home away from home. 
     This place has potential for lots of projects, besides helping the farmer, we will be starting a nursery here this year, just outside of Quesnel BC. Also at least one location in Manitoba, an hours drive from Winnipeg. Workers welcome, pay is the pits, but the benefits would fill the black hole. 
     Canada Feeds Canada in Six Years.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quesnel Farmers Need Help.

      Demand for Fresh Local Organic Food is not being met. People should go camping on farms and help out with the undone tasks, to their ability at no expense or expectation of any type of payment from the farmer. What we do want is good locally produced foods to feed everybody, including the one percent, and help of all sorts for the small  local growers to achieve the goal, of being able to feed the need locally. 
      This farm, where we are now, only two Acres of 150 are being used. Almost as much Sky as the Canadian Praires, lots of Water, half wild. We will be setting up the first permanent camp location in the woods that could accommodate ten motor homes or tents this summer, we keep our expectations high at all times, things are happening that we know nothing about, 
    Second load Emergency Response to Quesnel BC.
    Job needs doing.
    Job Done.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Garden Party Summit

    Three day clash of Shovels Summit Meeting happening now at  5090 west Sannich Rd, Victoria. In attendance: the Mayor of 13 Municipalities, the Minister of Finance and Homelessness, the Ministry Accordiing to John from Harrison, the Mayor of Stromville, the Garden Party Minister For More Unemployment and Candidate for USA President, Busybody, the Chief Chicken Killer and Meat Processor of SSI. Open House.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Back to the Coast

    Moving a Food Drying Operation on Wheels From Harrison Hot Springs, more Equipment, and some plants from Sannich BC for propagation in Quesnel. Snow Melting in Stromville, still a couple of weeks to start Gardens Here.

Garden Party Tour Car

     Just loaded and hauled 1926 Chevy from Edmonton Alberta to Stromville BC for the Mayor who is starting High Altitude Gardens. We now have Two Log Cabins to restore and Gardens to Expand in Wells BC and Stomville. Could use another dozen self funded workers here this summer. Quesnel Feeds Stromville in Six years.

Farmer Has Projects

      Working to pay for farmland, organic farmer has no time to farm. A dozen projects started that may or may not get done this year, The Garden Party will be on the job here in Quesnel BC this summer, self funded, helping Quesnel Feeds Quesnel in Six Years.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Head for the Hills.

     Truck is just about loaded, the fraud elected Liberal Party of BC are of the mind to exploit any and every resource as quick as they can without any concern of what we are leaving for the long term. We need to downsize our consumption to slow down self destruction. Compost the BC Liberal Party, grow a Garden.
    Quite a following.

Friday, April 1, 2016

We Have Taken As Back Seat Long Enough.

     Yes, we have been rejected, ejected, neglected, slandered, made fun of, for decades by the 'for money media', understandable, by the 'for donations only, environmental organizations', to pay for lawyers, by 'elected governments', puppets for special interests and personal advancement, but, we have not been completely ignored, we endured and now everybody agrees. We have more social and environment damage than we had forty years ago, and less time to do something about it.
     So taking a Back Seat to impaired Drivers is not an option for The Garden Party. We are blowing our own horn, we are The Only Political Party, Enviromental Oganization or Do Good Foundation that is not registered for the purpose of Tax Evasion. A Tax Write Off is not a Donation, lots of donators pocket more than they give, we know how to scam the system, so do Government Licenced Charter Accountants. Let you in on a secret, C.A.s do not like to be audited. If you are a Political Party that challenges the Government, the Monitary Institutions, and can draw attention, that might get their books audited, a CA won't touch you with a ten foot pole unless you tie a big bundle of cash on the end. The very reason we were blocked from participating in the last two elections, one provincial, one federal. Still, we endure, Declared Self Government in BC, Canada, then Canada Without Borders. We are now leading the charge, from behind mind you, we want all those honey dripping Do Gooders out front so we can keep an eye on them and insist that they walk their talk. So far not one of them has managed yet, but they are welcome to follow our lead. Oh, we can be just as arrogant as anybody else, but we are better than most. We knew how to shut down all garbage dumps forty years ago and still do, We were trying to stop the cutting of Old Growth Forests 35 years ago but were pushed aside, not any more, we stated the biggest Enviromental Action that People could do is Grow a Garden, 35 years ago, we physically pushed organic growing into BC, we claim front seat, we have been in it all along, hopefully they all get over the paper work soon and pick up a shovel. Money is the problem, a Big Garden Party is the Solution. Gardeners Without Borders, Starting in BC, Composting our way East. One Way Tickets, No Tax Write Offs, Black Hole Tour.