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Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Stood The Test of Time..,

....and has been a value to mankind seems to be getting revived all over the world. The older way for some things are now viewed better, more appealing, healthier, quieter, cost less,more efficient, by more people. There are all kinds of projects getting started that are spreading like wildfire, by people who want to share, 
      What has proven a mistake long past time, is our present forms of Government, and Under a monitory system that has no mathematical integrity  and Liabilities are assets, the whole money crap is a complete farce which makes almost everybody cash Slaves. Pension Check Slaves, oh, Do not rock the boat, your pension will disappear. 
      Well, sometimes there will be what some would say is bad news. Pensioners  will have to figure it out, what they should be doing, while the checks keep coming. Maybe the next now impending crash, or the one after that, relying on pension checks when money goes in the compost, so do pensions. 
       Just how prepared are you to face the conditions that all the refugees in the world are facing today. Better put those pension checks to what has stood the test of time. GROW A GARDEN, FEED THE REFUGEES GOOD FOOD. Who knows, they might feed you when your pension checks are in the compost, and believe it or not, that is where they belong. 
    Wild Mustard in our garden.
    Miners Lettuce, common, early.
    Siberian Miners Lettuce, both are good.

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