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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Back Hole Tour.

     Not ready to start on our journey across Canada tipping over Corporate Farms wheel barrows of money just yet. At the moment we do have seven or eight locations to look at, do work on if motivated, of which at least four of the places are available for the long term to the tour guide. Three will get some work, perhaps two or three more may turn out to be long term possibilities, we cannot see in the black hole, but It just takes one person to put one foot down on a shovel, plant a bean and change the scene.
     The Garden Party is self funded by pension funds from Organized Crime, so we charge nothing for the work we do, or pleasure we have, in leaving behind gardens, as we ourselves head for the compost. All Pensioners are welcome to tag along, bring your skills, experience, and grow your pension check into the black hole, no telling what adventure you might encounter, going where no being has gone before, as least we are doing something more interesting than picking little white balls out of small black holes. If a driver is required, check around the golf course, must be some bored people there, bragging about their driving abilities.
     You only have one life, we think the idea is crazy, but so what, maybe gardening is not more fun than baseball, but it is surely better than golf. We have lifetime jobs until you really retire, for everybody over 70. Making land available for all ages, to garden farm, without being stuck with rents and mortgage payments. The Garden Party is not concerned about land ownership, we know not a grain of sand will you take with you regardless of land claims and ownership titles. The Earth is one Garden, and every person is equally entitled to share in its blessings. So get over ownership and start practising good stewardship.
     OAPS FEED OAPS AND MORE. LOCAL FOOD, in Six Years, a purpose greater than chasing little white balls down small black holes, and, you can grow your own flowers. Fire up the RV, bring a shovel and the grand kids. 

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