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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tent City Gardeners.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is now aiding the development of Gardens in one tent city of Victoria. This is already in progress, more plants and tools (provided by The Garbage Guru) are being prepared for the inmates to get started.  Tenters will repair broken gardening tools and will be looking for more land to garden as soon as they use the space in the camp that is available. There are possibilities that people in the city who need help to start or maintain their gardens, can get what they need from Tent City Gardeners. The Garden Party is now prepared to help set up Gardens in Tent Cities as Far East as Winnipeg, just get in touch will our Gardeners Without Borders as we move through BC and East to Manitoba. Catch us on the road. If the first wave misses you, we will launch a second wave out of Victoria Tent City. We will provide what seed and plants we have and even haul in dirt if required. On the job training where needed with spin off jobs, everybody needs something sensible to do, why not gardening. This project should be started at every tent city in the Country, there is a least one Gardener in every Camp, help that Gardener and get the gardens going, social benefits are too many to mention, and, as for cost, our rock pile gardens as big as a football field cost 25$ over four years, talk about efficiency, now that we are smarter and have our own seeds, we can do Forty Football Fields for Free. Clearly there will be some costs, but we can make do with what we have, and improve year after year, as we improve our soils and our souls.
     TENT CITIES FEED TENT CITIES IN SIX OR LESS YEARS. Good Going Canada. An advance bouquet. So get it happening here, and in all refugee camps around the world.

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