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Monday, March 7, 2016

Radicalism Outlawed? Canada.

     So the powers that be are considering outlawing radicalizing. The Garden Party is Going underground immediately but will continue radicalizing gardeners. How else will we get good food.
      Mono crop, toxic imported foods are making people sick, doctors are giving the older folks as many as 25 different pills and finishing them off, talk about sick. What they need is good food, and gardens where older people reside, homes or concentration camps. We need less pills and more gardens in both our concentration camps for the young in schools and for the old, and it cost nothing, a made in China Junk shovel for ten dollars and a few seeds. The benefits will definitely be tasted almost immediately. Our peas are up.
    Canada Feeds Canada Local Food in Six Years, Dig in, Spring is Here and soon, it will be There too.

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