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Monday, March 28, 2016

People; Take Away Government.

     Call it what you will, we call it The Garden Party, you can start another, but you will still be a part of the Garden Party. The Garden covers the globe, and all that you can see. The Garden Party has declared itself Self Government Of Canada Without Borders, and, is in the process of taking over all levels of elected governments in Canada. All departments of governments are being put through our compost screens, some new ones started, some old departments are simply composted. 
     Taking the Power away from unpopular governments and leaders can succeed, but what comes next? Unless the People are ready to take the Power, and are able to direct the Government,  new Heads grow on the beast, and what you get may not be what was desired. Governments may get a bit better by responding to immediate public demands, or much worse and more suppressive as in the Middle East, or even The Ukraine. We understand that we can only advance, switch, change, if the people are ready to take over governments and the money games completely.
      Are you ready? Ready or not the process has started in Canada. An Occupation Movement branch has taken root in fertile soil, and is growing faster than the world debt clock. As a matter of fact, the World Debt Clock is in The Garden Party Compost along with all world monitory Institutions such as on Wall Street, and the IMF along with All national and international debts. 
     Money and the 1% control lasts only as long as the 99% play the fixed game. The Garden Party is taking up baseball, softball baseball, and making up the rules of play. 
     For starters, for a people to sustain a win over a money controlled Government, is like playing baseball when the referees are betting on the opposition, and can keep changing the rules. As long as money is required to eat, sleep under a roof, or play baseball, people can be forced to continue to play in a fixed game, that in the end even the 1% will be losers. 
     The biggest obstacle to sustain a people controlled Government, is food. If people are in control of their food and water supply, they can sustain without money and get through a transition from a 1% money control system, to a 99% people evolving system, every body has to eat, that includes the 1%, so, as the Garden Party 99% takes over everything, local food supply is a top priority. 
     Canada Feeds Canada Locally In Six Years, Dig In, Spring Is Here. 
      We are the Goverement, this is THE NEW WORLD ORDER, at your service. 

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