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Monday, March 21, 2016

One More Kick At The Can.

     This is an Invitation to Old Age Pensioners who are bored with Bingo, have a motor home, need a little daily exercise and would like to travel across Western Canada instigating Gardens. The idea is to aid young people starting their first garden, providing opportunities and helping Refugees with gardens, single parents with kids, vets, struggling farmers, the elderly who cannot keep up their gardens, etc.
     Costs are your own. There are no fees, charges, or obligations, anyone can join in, leave, come back again, bring a hitch hiker looking for something to do, if we need any rules, we will make them up as we go, since it is OAPs going on the road each funded by Pension Checks and doing all work freely, we would ask that everyone that joins in be able to maintain themselves.
     We will be posting on this Blog, where this caravan is, what work is being done, when we are leaving, and where we are going. Folks interested can stay informed, join in, or ask for the Services We Freely Provide. There are already a few locations, that if all is agreeable have long term possibilities. We will be visiting these locations on our planned route. First Planned Stop is Harrison Hot Springs to prepare this years garden for a Merchant Marine War Vet and His Disabled Daughter, after that, we plan to head north to Quesnel to do some work on 150 Acre farm, and a small gardening project and possibly restoring a log cabin in Wells BC, pan enough gold to head into Alberta on our way to Manitoba, with a few stops in each province. 
     At the moment we are finishing up work here at 5090 West Saanich Rd, Victoria BC, preparing trucks and tools for Gardening and camping expecting to be on our way in two weeks. We are planting now on two locations in this area, and have work that should be complete in seven days. When done, and ready we will head out, Gardeners Without Borders. 
    Canada Feeds Canada in Six Years.

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