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Sunday, March 27, 2016

No More Social Programs, Canada.

    What we need is Social Action, Social Programs are jobs for more janitors cleaning up after committee meetings. We know what needs to be done, just do it, if you are before your time, everybody else is late, you will not be popular. If you are following the crowd, you are late and a slow learner, but will be popular with other slow learners. If you are late enough you may be ahead of your time. But apparently All Time is Now so say the wise, Now must be the perfect time, to reduce your part of fossil fuel consumption 20% this year, by Growing a Garden.
     Expect Big Job Losses in the steal industries, Tax Evasion Law Firms, Insurance Shake Down Industries, and all raw resource extraction this year, the Garden Party Without Borders Buy Nothing Days are putting a squeeze on corporate profits. 
     Now the 1% that actually write off golf memberships and delivered pizzas are getting nervous, the Panama Tax Experts On Hiding Money is just the first little exposure of who is stealing and hiding, much more to come, all the cans of worms are leaking, the One Percent will soon find out that growing your own food is 99% pleasure.
     Black Hole Tour is near, come what may, Truck Loaded 99%, Gardens will get one more going over, Monday looks like blast off day, but anything can happen in two days, the whole rotting World Monetary System could be in the Compost in One Day, the sooner people can rely on a local food supply, the better off they will be, 
     Bushy Gardens are recommended for Bankers. It will be a place to hide when the to big to fail, crash. They can get Grape Vines from our nursery, sorry, no tax write off invoices, sales tax rebates, or other special deals to wash dirty money, Compost is a preferred medium of exchange over money, its value is consistent. 
     Committee Meetings are over, Janitors get shovels and dig in.

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