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Friday, March 25, 2016

Mortgage Advice, Go Camping.

     Sell now, move into your local Tent City and stake out a camping site, if you don't like your neighbours, move to another spot. Surround your tent with potted plants, run long poles over your tent, grow climbing plants, beans, cucumbers, peas grapes over your mortgage free tent. Might even get a bee hive and hang up a couple of bird houses. That is very sound mortgage advice, take the ball and chain off, the money of a couple of mortgage payments could set up a pretty deluxe camp, and a amazing amount food can be grown out of one large planter pot. If you move, you can take the garden along. 
     Another way to deal with a mortgage, for a house and land, is to get a tent and move into your local tent city. Stay there for month, you can still go home for a clean up if you are working or need a break, but get to know the people in the camp. Pick out as many people as you like who will share your mortgage payments, and, as a group work out ideas to get rid of the mortgage.
     The Garden Party has a formula to eliminate not only mortgages but also purchases of property. There is not enough money in existence to buy back the earth, so buying everything to put the land under good stewardship is out of the question. What we do offer, is to take care of land, trees, water, and produce food for personal and local needs. We claim no ownership, even if we help with mortgage payments and land taxes. What we do and establish on any land will be done in agreement with the title holders, and be a community asset. Land title holders can ask us to leave, without reason, at any time, and expect immediate response. This appeals to people who want to do good things with the land they hold title to but cannot do it by themselves. They can let people on their land claim and at any time ask anyone to leave.  There is no shortage of land for us to work on right now, and we expect to start a few dozen more locations this year. We try to get started on any new location within a year and now are starting on larger farms. The common theme is to provide good food locally for those that are in need, in the process where possible set up needed services to deal with some local social needs. 
     Compost your mortgage, move to tent City, or better yet, join The Travelling Gardeners Without Borders, until you find a long term camping spot. 
     We expect to on the road leaving Victoria BC within two weeks. Contact by Ph 604 928 3663. This is a message from the Minister of Diversity, Self Government of Canada Without Mortgages, Spring is here, pull out, dig in, a little dirt can grow a long way.

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