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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monoculture Mistake.

     Monoculture Corporate Farming is so destructive that is is difficult to know where to start. Should we discuss the nutritious value of plants grown on depleted soil? Or the loss of most of the top soil across Canadian Praires? How about the herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers? And what about the lack of diversity needed for a healthy environment? Should we discuss the polluted Ground Water and increasing toxic wells that are directly caused by out present farming methods? How about all the people and creatures who are getting sick poisoned by eating the toxic mono cultured crops? We could discuss and study every one of these questions and the answer by any logical reasoning person would end up with the conclusion that monoculture crop growing crop is a mistake. The better question to discuss is, How Can We Compost Monoculture, provide enough nutritious food to feed everyone, stop soil depletion, stop erosion, have clean water and still have a healthy diverse Environment? 
     This is Our Challenge. Leaving half the land to the rest of natures creatures, and doing Intensive Organic Garden Farming for what is needed to feed ourselves. Can it be done? It may require as much as one fifth of the population, right now in the world 20% of the people are unemployed. Yes we can do it with little more than a shovel and wheelbarrow on a rock pile. Convert all those useless financial and government buildings into food production and finally get some real value out of them, rid of 85% of the cars off the streets and plant gardens. Like it, because that is the future, clean air, pure water, nutritious food, more birds, less cats, and opportunities for all to make a social contribution. 
     Dig in and get a garden started, be sure to grow some seed and pass it on, share, we are all in this mess together, and together we can clean up the mess. On the Job, how about you?
    Peas are growing.
    Tulips soon.
   Garlic, onions, strawberries, planted bush beans today.

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