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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Investors Bail Out of Gladiator Games.

     Interest is Dying for Flying Gladiators. So are the Fans.  Drugs, corruption, Young people with fifty broken bones in their bodies, some in wheel chairs, brain injuries, deaths not so uncommon from competing to be the best, or make the most money. Sports Fans all pumped up by paid sports nuts, keeping the advertising dollars rolling in for the Stars and distractions of half the population. Canned Games are cutthroat business and winners get to bask in the sun for a bit, then do it over again, seems like a tough job with potential cash benefits for a few among thousands of broken bones.
      Seems like a good time for investors in Flying Gladiator Games to sell your shares or you will be left with a bag of pucks. Of course you could sign them and sell them to collectors who would spent a fortune to have the last flying puck. Most of the big Games Industries along with the giant Advertising Industries will be in the Garden Party Compost Very Soon. 
     We might just put a baseball team together if our travelling shovel emergency response team is big enough. Excellent Idea, bring your idea, and your shovel. We could be ready to go in Two Weeks. Monday is International Buy Nothing Day, and the First Day of The First World Buy Nothing Week. 
     Do not miss this historical event and world turning point, be among the stars for one full week, with bragging rights till somebody tells you to shut up.
     Sorry for the short notice just made it up and will tough it out, just think what all the refugees are going through as we Buy Buy Buy, with pension funds invested in the arms industries. The garden party without borders wants hands on shovels, not on weapons. Dig In. Grow them beans, we have refugees to feed. We have lots of bean seed.

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