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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hot Potatoes, Schools.

     By the time the kids get to grade five they should be able to lie, cheat, steal and swear in at least three languages. If they make it to grade twelve and have refined their skills, they will be able to maintain a steady job guaranteed to be broke for the rest of their lives, which will be shorter than normal, mostly due to recreational drugs, alcohol or getting caught in a avalanche. The students that go beyond 12 years in Concentration Camps are difficult to get back to basics as they know everything, understand nothing, and, because of their higher education want to direct every thing that they do not know anything about. So they are almost useless. 
     All the more reason we change the school systems, in Canada the schools are pretty much the same across the Country, with some teachers trying hard to do a better job. They deserve all the help they need, so the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is going mobile. Driving our first new wind started perpetual motion machine, to do Garden Art. We will go to any school we are invited to start teaching practical things like How to Grow Potatoes. All classes will be out side.  Where there is a Will, consider it Done. Hot Potatoes!
     Every school, required course, Potato  Growing, Every Language, teach by example, teacher may have to invite in a good local gardener that is not over educated. Go for it and Dig In, Spring Is Upon Us. And every kid deserves to know how to grow food just as much as how to lie, cheat and steal.
    Wind powered, Garden Party Fracking Machine. 
    Two horses if there is no wind
    No practical purpose, like most of school learning.

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