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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Homeless, Criminal Offence, Canada.

     Instead of Empathy for those who find themselves living on the street, many of 'the public', business, police, and courts treat the homeless like criminals. Harassment, tickets, and worse. Nothing like being rejected as a equal human being by "people of the system" to lose respect for the whole society, and not give a dam about the general public.
     First thing that needs changing is pubic civil servants attitudes and the mistreatment of the homeless. That only compounds problems, cost mega bucks more that could be better spent on things like free, on demand detox programs, safe places for people to hang out with Public Bathrooms open 24/7. These simple things can easily be done while we get the 'homeless problem' solved. 
     The fact that people are "homeless' is everybody's problem, and more often than not, homelessness is caused by failures of our 'systems'. We can work on eliminating the causes and in partnership with the homeless address their needs. If we care, we are halfway there, and if enough people care, everybody will feel at home. 
    Mr Ed.
   Three Hens

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