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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Goal : Compost Patents.

     All Patents are Knowledge, and knowledge that is beneficial to the Human Race belongs to the world, not only to a patent holder. The very concept that an idea beneficial to the betterment or health of society could be held back for profits is a concept fit for the compost, and that is where the Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders has put all patent claims. 
     Now all Canadians can dig freely through the compost and use all knowledge available to prevent further damage to our mono crop planet. Apply our resources to what is beneficial, stop all the junk, stop the dumb fashion industries, the brain dead cosmetic industries, the garbage toxic furniture industries, the corporate canned sports industries, the herbicide and pesticide industries, the lottery industries  simple, stop buying. Who Needs A Dam?
     New World Order: Use all patents freely, but wisely, not like military industries. Patent Holders can plead their case, if they enjoy talking to themselves, but the Garden Party will obey the New World Order, Freedom of Knowledge, No Money Required.
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