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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Edible Wild Plants, Victoria BC

     All priceless, delicious and definitely more nutritious than any imported garbage greens. All can be observed growing in our garden at 5090 West Saanich Rd, 
     Stinging Nettle steamed or boiled in a little water(drink the water like tea), if the sting bothers your hands when you pick the tops above the fiber with a knife, wear a glove.

     Miners Lettuce and Dandelion, cooked or raw,
    Chickweed, mild, add a nice flavour to soups, and is good in salads.

    All in a ditch near you on special, cannot be found at Walmart, Safeway or any other Junk Food Store that The Garden Party  Will Bankrupt Sooner the Better. Start a Garden, if you read this, you have been informed.
    Do Not Eat Daffodils.

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