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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Compulsory School Gardens.

     The Canadian Self Government Without Borders, declares a transition of schools and our education system, the importance of children having a good garden experience starting from Kinder Garden cannot be further overlooked. All Kindergarden, Daycares, and Grade Schools are now requested to have involvement in their life sustaining Natural World and Gardening as a daily part of activities. Think about the benefits. 
     This is not Green Party Theory, this Is Garden Party Boots on the Ground, shovels in the dirt action. Voting for theory, and leaning on the shovel for four years waiting for another vote that means nothing, is nothing. Every Green Party Member could reduce their personal fossil use by 20% this year. That would be a vote worth counting. All those thousands who voted for the Green Party could at the very least start a garden. We know they could not vote for the Garden Party because it was blocked from participating in both provincial and federal elections, but we know that all Garden Party members are growing gardens, eating their own pickles, and reducing Fossl Fuel Use this year by 20%. 

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