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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Climate Change, Solution.

     Cost Nothing, use 20% less dental floss, take 20% less time in the shower, waste 20% less food, drive 20% less or move 20% closer to where you drive, buy 20% fewer gold rings, drink 20% less beer, fly 20% closer, wear your socks 20% longer, GET THE 20% LESS CONCEPT, apply to toilet paper, and a movement is born. Holy Shit, how long does it take, so easy, and saves stupid money, reaches beyond all constipations of brain dead elected governments and more committee meetings. This year, 2016, Right Now! 20% Less, just work on it without stress, 20% less pills, have a good sleep after a 20% better day with more to follow.
   This message of solutions is from Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister Busybody, just back from warning China in advance to decrease production by 20% this year and another 20% for 2017. 20% bigger gardens recommended.

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