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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Charities Lose Tax Write Offs.

     Is the public getting milked? What is getting solved? Money gathering campaigns to pay for more money gathering campaigns going on for decades without solving anything. Who is administering all the inflow, where does the out flow go, what is actually getting accomplished? 
     For starters, The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders will stop auditing books and has Cancelled All Tax Write Offs For All Charities, Officially, the second time. It is quite clear, many old charities are constipated, big inflow, trickle down outflow, never a "Thank You Very Much, Job Is Done". It is time we take another look at causes, and what we need to do about causes.  It is also time the Public get physically involved and administer their Charity, 
     The Garden Party, under cover of Occupation Apple Tree .com, is going on the road in about a week, on a mission to change agriculture practises across Canada, no rush, just want to get it done in six years. Want to Tag Along? We will post our location daily if possible, or, we could disappear in a dust storm.  Right now at 5090 West Sannich Rd, Victoria BC, doing finishing touches on what is a community nursery garden, where people can bring and take plants, and share the harvest and the pleasure.
    Rhubarb, Filbert, Grape, Going to Sooke BC
    This Garden has been a pleasure, surely the next one will be as enjoyable. 

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