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Friday, March 4, 2016

Carbon Tax Laws, Canada.

     We know the goal, reduce the carbon.  If We The People, take responsibility, and lower our personal fossil fuel consumption by 20% this year, we will not need to build another Tax Collecting Empire out of Carbon and have added costs for the things we think we need. We will have more computers, wasting resources, heated offices, worker transportation all adding to the carbon we want to subtract. Just reduce your fossil fuel intake 20% for this year, and we can have another look at it at the end of the year. Perhaps we can take it down another.....20%? The Garden Party is working on 60% in Four years. Let us just do the 20% reduction this year. You figure out how you can do it, if you need help without increasing your taxes, talk to the garden, in the process of digging, and growing your own food, your carbon output will likely drop 20% and possible more if you feed local need. Not only will you feel better, your health will better, and your taste buds happier. 
     That is how fast Self Government Works, not only does it cost government nothing, the tax paying people who like to hang on to their money will get to hang on to even more. 
     2016, Year of the Monkey, and Year to Grow A Garden, Year to leave all fossil fuel plastic junk in The Super Junk Stores right where it is. Stop buying junk, there are a lot ways to reducing our carbon output and feel better off when we change programmed habits.. Stop buying lottery tickets, we all win. Grow a garden. We all win. Buy a lottery ticket, we all lose including the ticket winner. 
     New World Order, 20% Fossil Fuel Reduction for all Canadian Occupiers for 2016. Penalty for not accomplishing Order is harsh. Penalty; Another Tax Collecting Dept that will grow 20% bigger every year and never go away and be just as useless and wasteful as most Canada Governments Are Today. Self Government. Do it yourself, cheaper, faster, better, and can continue to get cheaper and better if Laws, Lawyers and profits are kept out of the process.
     Spring is Here. Dig in.

   Bulbs are up.

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