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Friday, March 4, 2016

Canada Dumps Gold.

     Leading the way, and enriching the soul, The Garden Party has dumped all its Gold in the compost. Now the Elected Government of Canada is dumping all but the last 77ounces in its possession, that should be enough to permanently shut down the insanity of Registered Canadian Polluting Gold Mining Operations around the Globe. 
     Half the gold mined goes for jewelry, twenty tons of environmental devastation for every ring. Smell the tea leaves, poisoning people and environment for adornment, wake up and dump your dirty gold, dump your dirty mines and dump your dirty gold digging politicians such as the fast, high flying hurry up before the public finds out what is really going down PR Premier and Mine Pushing Mob of BC who are claiming to be the legal Government. Legalized Criminals would be a more accurate description. Nothing personal, just the way gold diggers in the public purse operate. We suggest all political parties be put in The Garden Party Enriched Compost.

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