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Monday, March 7, 2016

Brazil Corrupt, British Columbia?

     Government Officials make kick backs from Big Contractors who get all the big jobs that the public pay for in Brazil. Big jobs such as Dams, Big Bridges, Doing Laundry, Pipe Line Permission etc. Now you would not think that Government Officials of equal office in BC doing the same Laundry while pushing for a Dam would be cleaning out the public purse just like In Brazil. Not quite, our Politicians are smarter than that, they hardly get caught, or they legalize the crime before they commit the crime. Same mentality, Same Result, but at least Brazilians are aware of the Corruption in their Government. 
     All that is hidden shall be revealed, in BC, The Garden Party is digging in the dirt and sending all the Laundry by air mail to Kelowna BC for the Fraud Elected Government to wash. Check out the visible big donations made to the Liberal Party of BC. Liquor Industry, Mining Industries, Construction Industry. Oil and Gas, the list goes on, only in Brazil eh? More dirt digging necessary to grow enough to feed good food to everybody, unemployed criminals included, More Gardeners For Brazil and BC. 


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