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Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016, Canada, 20% Off Fossil Fuels.

     That right, folks in Canada have set a goal to reduce use and abuse of fossil fuels. Long johns and woollen pants will leave the oil furnace off a month longer, and lowering house temperature for the winter, might be enough for a twenty percent reduction in that one action. 
     Constant comforting temperature may not be healthy, think about it, a little discomfort exercises the whole body and all functions stay stronger. Park your body for long periods, constant room temperature, and you have a recipe for mental sickness, physical weakness and an unpleasant shorter life.
     Nothing like gardening to get some of that necessary muscle exertion required every day, Lucky Canadians get lots of snow to shovel in the winter, dig ditches in the Spring to get rid of the water from melted snow then dig gardens in the mud, and carry water all summer to keep the garden moist. Then, dig up the crops before the ground freezes, just in time to shovel snow, and stay healthy without wearing out running shoes going nowhere in a hurry. A few simple changes that would greatly improve the quality of life and at the same time reduce fossil fuel use, costs both to the environment and purse drop significantly, while you reap what you sow.
     2016, Use 20% Less, Grow 20% More, NewWorldOrderWhereEverYouAre!

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