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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Back Hole Tour.

     Not ready to start on our journey across Canada tipping over Corporate Farms wheel barrows of money just yet. At the moment we do have seven or eight locations to look at, do work on if motivated, of which at least four of the places are available for the long term to the tour guide. Three will get some work, perhaps two or three more may turn out to be long term possibilities, we cannot see in the black hole, but It just takes one person to put one foot down on a shovel, plant a bean and change the scene.
     The Garden Party is self funded by pension funds from Organized Crime, so we charge nothing for the work we do, or pleasure we have, in leaving behind gardens, as we ourselves head for the compost. All Pensioners are welcome to tag along, bring your skills, experience, and grow your pension check into the black hole, no telling what adventure you might encounter, going where no being has gone before, as least we are doing something more interesting than picking little white balls out of small black holes. If a driver is required, check around the golf course, must be some bored people there, bragging about their driving abilities.
     You only have one life, we think the idea is crazy, but so what, maybe gardening is not more fun than baseball, but it is surely better than golf. We have lifetime jobs until you really retire, for everybody over 70. Making land available for all ages, to garden farm, without being stuck with rents and mortgage payments. The Garden Party is not concerned about land ownership, we know not a grain of sand will you take with you regardless of land claims and ownership titles. The Earth is one Garden, and every person is equally entitled to share in its blessings. So get over ownership and start practising good stewardship.
     OAPS FEED OAPS AND MORE. LOCAL FOOD, in Six Years, a purpose greater than chasing little white balls down small black holes, and, you can grow your own flowers. Fire up the RV, bring a shovel and the grand kids. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

People; Take Away Government.

     Call it what you will, we call it The Garden Party, you can start another, but you will still be a part of the Garden Party. The Garden covers the globe, and all that you can see. The Garden Party has declared itself Self Government Of Canada Without Borders, and, is in the process of taking over all levels of elected governments in Canada. All departments of governments are being put through our compost screens, some new ones started, some old departments are simply composted. 
     Taking the Power away from unpopular governments and leaders can succeed, but what comes next? Unless the People are ready to take the Power, and are able to direct the Government,  new Heads grow on the beast, and what you get may not be what was desired. Governments may get a bit better by responding to immediate public demands, or much worse and more suppressive as in the Middle East, or even The Ukraine. We understand that we can only advance, switch, change, if the people are ready to take over governments and the money games completely.
      Are you ready? Ready or not the process has started in Canada. An Occupation Movement branch has taken root in fertile soil, and is growing faster than the world debt clock. As a matter of fact, the World Debt Clock is in The Garden Party Compost along with all world monitory Institutions such as on Wall Street, and the IMF along with All national and international debts. 
     Money and the 1% control lasts only as long as the 99% play the fixed game. The Garden Party is taking up baseball, softball baseball, and making up the rules of play. 
     For starters, for a people to sustain a win over a money controlled Government, is like playing baseball when the referees are betting on the opposition, and can keep changing the rules. As long as money is required to eat, sleep under a roof, or play baseball, people can be forced to continue to play in a fixed game, that in the end even the 1% will be losers. 
     The biggest obstacle to sustain a people controlled Government, is food. If people are in control of their food and water supply, they can sustain without money and get through a transition from a 1% money control system, to a 99% people evolving system, every body has to eat, that includes the 1%, so, as the Garden Party 99% takes over everything, local food supply is a top priority. 
     Canada Feeds Canada Locally In Six Years, Dig In, Spring Is Here. 
      We are the Goverement, this is THE NEW WORLD ORDER, at your service. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

No More Social Programs, Canada.

    What we need is Social Action, Social Programs are jobs for more janitors cleaning up after committee meetings. We know what needs to be done, just do it, if you are before your time, everybody else is late, you will not be popular. If you are following the crowd, you are late and a slow learner, but will be popular with other slow learners. If you are late enough you may be ahead of your time. But apparently All Time is Now so say the wise, Now must be the perfect time, to reduce your part of fossil fuel consumption 20% this year, by Growing a Garden.
     Expect Big Job Losses in the steal industries, Tax Evasion Law Firms, Insurance Shake Down Industries, and all raw resource extraction this year, the Garden Party Without Borders Buy Nothing Days are putting a squeeze on corporate profits. 
     Now the 1% that actually write off golf memberships and delivered pizzas are getting nervous, the Panama Tax Experts On Hiding Money is just the first little exposure of who is stealing and hiding, much more to come, all the cans of worms are leaking, the One Percent will soon find out that growing your own food is 99% pleasure.
     Black Hole Tour is near, come what may, Truck Loaded 99%, Gardens will get one more going over, Monday looks like blast off day, but anything can happen in two days, the whole rotting World Monetary System could be in the Compost in One Day, the sooner people can rely on a local food supply, the better off they will be, 
     Bushy Gardens are recommended for Bankers. It will be a place to hide when the to big to fail, crash. They can get Grape Vines from our nursery, sorry, no tax write off invoices, sales tax rebates, or other special deals to wash dirty money, Compost is a preferred medium of exchange over money, its value is consistent. 
     Committee Meetings are over, Janitors get shovels and dig in.

Charities Lose Tax Write Offs.

     Is the public getting milked? What is getting solved? Money gathering campaigns to pay for more money gathering campaigns going on for decades without solving anything. Who is administering all the inflow, where does the out flow go, what is actually getting accomplished? 
     For starters, The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders will stop auditing books and has Cancelled All Tax Write Offs For All Charities, Officially, the second time. It is quite clear, many old charities are constipated, big inflow, trickle down outflow, never a "Thank You Very Much, Job Is Done". It is time we take another look at causes, and what we need to do about causes.  It is also time the Public get physically involved and administer their Charity, 
     The Garden Party, under cover of Occupation Apple Tree .com, is going on the road in about a week, on a mission to change agriculture practises across Canada, no rush, just want to get it done in six years. Want to Tag Along? We will post our location daily if possible, or, we could disappear in a dust storm.  Right now at 5090 West Sannich Rd, Victoria BC, doing finishing touches on what is a community nursery garden, where people can bring and take plants, and share the harvest and the pleasure.
    Rhubarb, Filbert, Grape, Going to Sooke BC
    This Garden has been a pleasure, surely the next one will be as enjoyable. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hot Potatoes, Schools.

     By the time the kids get to grade five they should be able to lie, cheat, steal and swear in at least three languages. If they make it to grade twelve and have refined their skills, they will be able to maintain a steady job guaranteed to be broke for the rest of their lives, which will be shorter than normal, mostly due to recreational drugs, alcohol or getting caught in a avalanche. The students that go beyond 12 years in Concentration Camps are difficult to get back to basics as they know everything, understand nothing, and, because of their higher education want to direct every thing that they do not know anything about. So they are almost useless. 
     All the more reason we change the school systems, in Canada the schools are pretty much the same across the Country, with some teachers trying hard to do a better job. They deserve all the help they need, so the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada is going mobile. Driving our first new wind started perpetual motion machine, to do Garden Art. We will go to any school we are invited to start teaching practical things like How to Grow Potatoes. All classes will be out side.  Where there is a Will, consider it Done. Hot Potatoes!
     Every school, required course, Potato  Growing, Every Language, teach by example, teacher may have to invite in a good local gardener that is not over educated. Go for it and Dig In, Spring Is Upon Us. And every kid deserves to know how to grow food just as much as how to lie, cheat and steal.
    Wind powered, Garden Party Fracking Machine. 
    Two horses if there is no wind
    No practical purpose, like most of school learning.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mortgage Advice, Go Camping.

     Sell now, move into your local Tent City and stake out a camping site, if you don't like your neighbours, move to another spot. Surround your tent with potted plants, run long poles over your tent, grow climbing plants, beans, cucumbers, peas grapes over your mortgage free tent. Might even get a bee hive and hang up a couple of bird houses. That is very sound mortgage advice, take the ball and chain off, the money of a couple of mortgage payments could set up a pretty deluxe camp, and a amazing amount food can be grown out of one large planter pot. If you move, you can take the garden along. 
     Another way to deal with a mortgage, for a house and land, is to get a tent and move into your local tent city. Stay there for month, you can still go home for a clean up if you are working or need a break, but get to know the people in the camp. Pick out as many people as you like who will share your mortgage payments, and, as a group work out ideas to get rid of the mortgage.
     The Garden Party has a formula to eliminate not only mortgages but also purchases of property. There is not enough money in existence to buy back the earth, so buying everything to put the land under good stewardship is out of the question. What we do offer, is to take care of land, trees, water, and produce food for personal and local needs. We claim no ownership, even if we help with mortgage payments and land taxes. What we do and establish on any land will be done in agreement with the title holders, and be a community asset. Land title holders can ask us to leave, without reason, at any time, and expect immediate response. This appeals to people who want to do good things with the land they hold title to but cannot do it by themselves. They can let people on their land claim and at any time ask anyone to leave.  There is no shortage of land for us to work on right now, and we expect to start a few dozen more locations this year. We try to get started on any new location within a year and now are starting on larger farms. The common theme is to provide good food locally for those that are in need, in the process where possible set up needed services to deal with some local social needs. 
     Compost your mortgage, move to tent City, or better yet, join The Travelling Gardeners Without Borders, until you find a long term camping spot. 
     We expect to on the road leaving Victoria BC within two weeks. Contact by Ph 604 928 3663. This is a message from the Minister of Diversity, Self Government of Canada Without Mortgages, Spring is here, pull out, dig in, a little dirt can grow a long way.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tent City Gardeners.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is now aiding the development of Gardens in one tent city of Victoria. This is already in progress, more plants and tools (provided by The Garbage Guru) are being prepared for the inmates to get started.  Tenters will repair broken gardening tools and will be looking for more land to garden as soon as they use the space in the camp that is available. There are possibilities that people in the city who need help to start or maintain their gardens, can get what they need from Tent City Gardeners. The Garden Party is now prepared to help set up Gardens in Tent Cities as Far East as Winnipeg, just get in touch will our Gardeners Without Borders as we move through BC and East to Manitoba. Catch us on the road. If the first wave misses you, we will launch a second wave out of Victoria Tent City. We will provide what seed and plants we have and even haul in dirt if required. On the job training where needed with spin off jobs, everybody needs something sensible to do, why not gardening. This project should be started at every tent city in the Country, there is a least one Gardener in every Camp, help that Gardener and get the gardens going, social benefits are too many to mention, and, as for cost, our rock pile gardens as big as a football field cost 25$ over four years, talk about efficiency, now that we are smarter and have our own seeds, we can do Forty Football Fields for Free. Clearly there will be some costs, but we can make do with what we have, and improve year after year, as we improve our soils and our souls.
     TENT CITIES FEED TENT CITIES IN SIX OR LESS YEARS. Good Going Canada. An advance bouquet. So get it happening here, and in all refugee camps around the world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

30 Billion Bean Buget, Canada.

     Could be a lot of Hot Air, but The Government Of Canada Without Borders has decided to Grow our Economy to 30 Billion Beans in Two years and Crash the Monoculture Stock Market. 
     The Illegal Federal Government Budget, $30 Billion, Digging holes into the future to fix the present for what was wrong in the past, is only a temporary measure to continue the same insane mistakes. Compost it!
     All the resources we need for every person to have accommodation is already here. Because of money, not because there is a lack of Facilities or a lack of locations, but because of laws and restrictions. There are more freedoms in a refugee camp than there is in British Columbia. Because of money in real estate, and coin operated political puppets, the whole country is tied up to pay pay pay to a few, while the rest get a deeper hole climb out of, most Canadians will be buried in that hole before it is paid, and pass the hole on to the next generation. 
     Face the facts, food, shelter and clothing, the basic needs, how difficult is that? Apparently Not possible with money, yet with the abundance of Canada, where we waste more than we use, it should be easy and enjoyable to achieve at least the basics. That means we do it as right as we know how, good food, accessible locally, clean water, get that done in spite of the insanity of elected governments growing the economy while we and our environment get poorer every day. The real government, the people, need to take the responsibility, set the new direction, and step on the shovel. Turn the dirt, take over government one shovel after another, take control of our food supply and lives, be the government, plant some beans, we need 30 Billion.
    Fresh carrots pulled today.
    Growing Money Economy, make junk, throw it away, make more junk, get rich??
    Building Materials that could built thousands of shelters are sent to the Dump every day in Canada. Reuse, by law is illegal, another dumb law to hence forth ignore, but after all that schooling, who knows how to hammer in a nail or grow a carrot? Time for a real Education.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monoculture Mistake.

     Monoculture Corporate Farming is so destructive that is is difficult to know where to start. Should we discuss the nutritious value of plants grown on depleted soil? Or the loss of most of the top soil across Canadian Praires? How about the herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers? And what about the lack of diversity needed for a healthy environment? Should we discuss the polluted Ground Water and increasing toxic wells that are directly caused by out present farming methods? How about all the people and creatures who are getting sick poisoned by eating the toxic mono cultured crops? We could discuss and study every one of these questions and the answer by any logical reasoning person would end up with the conclusion that monoculture crop growing crop is a mistake. The better question to discuss is, How Can We Compost Monoculture, provide enough nutritious food to feed everyone, stop soil depletion, stop erosion, have clean water and still have a healthy diverse Environment? 
     This is Our Challenge. Leaving half the land to the rest of natures creatures, and doing Intensive Organic Garden Farming for what is needed to feed ourselves. Can it be done? It may require as much as one fifth of the population, right now in the world 20% of the people are unemployed. Yes we can do it with little more than a shovel and wheelbarrow on a rock pile. Convert all those useless financial and government buildings into food production and finally get some real value out of them, rid of 85% of the cars off the streets and plant gardens. Like it, because that is the future, clean air, pure water, nutritious food, more birds, less cats, and opportunities for all to make a social contribution. 
     Dig in and get a garden started, be sure to grow some seed and pass it on, share, we are all in this mess together, and together we can clean up the mess. On the Job, how about you?
    Peas are growing.
    Tulips soon.
   Garlic, onions, strawberries, planted bush beans today.

Monday, March 21, 2016

One More Kick At The Can.

     This is an Invitation to Old Age Pensioners who are bored with Bingo, have a motor home, need a little daily exercise and would like to travel across Western Canada instigating Gardens. The idea is to aid young people starting their first garden, providing opportunities and helping Refugees with gardens, single parents with kids, vets, struggling farmers, the elderly who cannot keep up their gardens, etc.
     Costs are your own. There are no fees, charges, or obligations, anyone can join in, leave, come back again, bring a hitch hiker looking for something to do, if we need any rules, we will make them up as we go, since it is OAPs going on the road each funded by Pension Checks and doing all work freely, we would ask that everyone that joins in be able to maintain themselves.
     We will be posting on this Blog, where this caravan is, what work is being done, when we are leaving, and where we are going. Folks interested can stay informed, join in, or ask for the Services We Freely Provide. There are already a few locations, that if all is agreeable have long term possibilities. We will be visiting these locations on our planned route. First Planned Stop is Harrison Hot Springs to prepare this years garden for a Merchant Marine War Vet and His Disabled Daughter, after that, we plan to head north to Quesnel to do some work on 150 Acre farm, and a small gardening project and possibly restoring a log cabin in Wells BC, pan enough gold to head into Alberta on our way to Manitoba, with a few stops in each province. 
     At the moment we are finishing up work here at 5090 West Saanich Rd, Victoria BC, preparing trucks and tools for Gardening and camping expecting to be on our way in two weeks. We are planting now on two locations in this area, and have work that should be complete in seven days. When done, and ready we will head out, Gardeners Without Borders. 
    Canada Feeds Canada in Six Years.

Black Hole Tour.

     Blocked by new election regulations, as yet unable to find where or who invented them federally and provincially in BC, and what appears to be a boycott by local mainstream news, all contrary to free elections in Canada as stated in the Canadian Constitution, the Garden Party was left with no choice but to assume Self Government. We also assume immunity from Canadian Laws and regulations, until the courts decide to force free and fair elections for All Canadians. 
     Our first appearance in Vancouver court in May, will be an attempt by Her Majesties Lawyers to exempt Elections Canada Returning Officers from blame. They may be low level soldiers collecting checks following orders, but that does not exempt them from the Crime of ignoring The Canadian Constitution, and being partners in the eroding of Democratic Rights according to The Law. As The Garden Party has no control over the Criminal JustUs System, this Case will cost Millions of Dollars to the Tax Payers before it gets to court, where any Gardener will tell you, pull the weeds, clean up the Fraud Elections Act and Have Another Election, where all Canadians can fully participate, and we if we are satisfied, we will drop the charges. Otherwise expect more lawyers filling their wallets with Taxpayers Credit Cards for Years. They may have already creamed a million or two before we even get to the court on one small legal detail. Sorry about that, but marginalizing over half the population from having a equal say because of money or lack of, in any country is not acceptable to The Garden Party.
    We will be starting our Black Hole Road Tour covering four provinces in early April, following Spring across the prairies, doing what Gardeners Do, Spring into action to get Seeds Growing.
    PS, we are now offering Free Help to any Refugees to get Gardens Started from BC to Manitoba. CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN SIX YEARS.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Climate Change, Solution.

     Cost Nothing, use 20% less dental floss, take 20% less time in the shower, waste 20% less food, drive 20% less or move 20% closer to where you drive, buy 20% fewer gold rings, drink 20% less beer, fly 20% closer, wear your socks 20% longer, GET THE 20% LESS CONCEPT, apply to toilet paper, and a movement is born. Holy Shit, how long does it take, so easy, and saves stupid money, reaches beyond all constipations of brain dead elected governments and more committee meetings. This year, 2016, Right Now! 20% Less, just work on it without stress, 20% less pills, have a good sleep after a 20% better day with more to follow.
   This message of solutions is from Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister Busybody, just back from warning China in advance to decrease production by 20% this year and another 20% for 2017. 20% bigger gardens recommended.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Investors Bail Out of Gladiator Games.

     Interest is Dying for Flying Gladiators. So are the Fans.  Drugs, corruption, Young people with fifty broken bones in their bodies, some in wheel chairs, brain injuries, deaths not so uncommon from competing to be the best, or make the most money. Sports Fans all pumped up by paid sports nuts, keeping the advertising dollars rolling in for the Stars and distractions of half the population. Canned Games are cutthroat business and winners get to bask in the sun for a bit, then do it over again, seems like a tough job with potential cash benefits for a few among thousands of broken bones.
      Seems like a good time for investors in Flying Gladiator Games to sell your shares or you will be left with a bag of pucks. Of course you could sign them and sell them to collectors who would spent a fortune to have the last flying puck. Most of the big Games Industries along with the giant Advertising Industries will be in the Garden Party Compost Very Soon. 
     We might just put a baseball team together if our travelling shovel emergency response team is big enough. Excellent Idea, bring your idea, and your shovel. We could be ready to go in Two Weeks. Monday is International Buy Nothing Day, and the First Day of The First World Buy Nothing Week. 
     Do not miss this historical event and world turning point, be among the stars for one full week, with bragging rights till somebody tells you to shut up.
     Sorry for the short notice just made it up and will tough it out, just think what all the refugees are going through as we Buy Buy Buy, with pension funds invested in the arms industries. The garden party without borders wants hands on shovels, not on weapons. Dig In. Grow them beans, we have refugees to feed. We have lots of bean seed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All That Is Possible.

     There is a new model for Government in Canada. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is real but hard to spot. There are no special meeting places, in the garden composting, in the barn, or on the job digging up another lawn, are just a few of the places we get together to discuss policies and actions. No special Tax Payer supported unnecessary Government Buildings for Pomp, Ceremony, and Never Ending Arguments. The Garden Party has no need for an army to maintain blowing up things. There are no membership cards, registration, tickets, patents, licence fees, pass ports, or tax collecting, so we do not have any Offices to keep track of things we don't need to do. 
     For the most part, the Garden Party Members do not break man made laws, even dumb laws, if only to avoid hassle of tickets, courts and jails. However The Garden Party Self Government of Canada has no fear of lawyers, police, judges or jails, we will work with these  fellow humans if the action is beneficial to the whole. The Garden Party of Canada Without Borders does not recognize The Elected Governments of BC or Canada as having any legal authority to impose its laws on any self declared Member of the Garden Party, at present we have before their courts challenged the Election Process under the Constitution and the Lawyers of Her Majesty are dragging out the case in an attempt to avoid our challenge. In the meantime, we consider ourselves as The Government of BC and Canada. Any charges against us as individuals will have to be delayed until our Court Case is finished in what is considered the highiest court of Canada, and may even be taken to the United Nations. We have no intentions of backing down from intimidation and threats, already tried, or flattery not yet tried. Buying off priceless people who do not consider money as a real value is not possible, the best they can do is join us, the worst is bury us, too late for that, besides, we have nothing left to lose.
     The Garden Party has as many ministers of this or that as needed, phony elections are no longer bothered with, we simply are the government, but only visible by people who have ears, not even the mainstream media have reported on The Self Government of Canada or the pending court case. Simply put, we are a invisible black hole.
     Victoria Feeds Victoria In Six Years. We will be leaving our Nursery Gardens in Saanich BC on route to Manitoba doing projects on the way, Harrison, Quesnel, Wells are some of planned stops in BC, more details will be posted on future Blogs. Services, policies and goals will be posted in following posts, and all ages are welcome to join our Black Hole Tour,  there are some basic plans but adjustments can be made to accommodate. We stand with the 24/7 Law that all public property is freely available for camping, and gardening. The next blog will discuss more. 

    Local Wild Onion, stronger flavour than chives.
    Just starting to flower
    Clusters of small marble size bulbs will form on flower heads, and store all winter. By us, only known locally.

Site C Dam, $100 Billion.

     Unbelievably, $100 Billion is the real cost for a Dam that is not needed, and even if it was built will never produce the energy to pay for itself. This is a long term ball and chain being attached to the public leg for a few BC Politicians and Construction Industries long term mega milking job. Greed and personal gain, yes it will create some jobs, but it is nothing more than corruption, misinformation, and criminal on the part of the Elected Fraud Government of BC. We, of The Garden Party, Self Government of BC are calling for a General Strike, and sending the BC Liberal Party to the Compost.
     The real figures for the public cost of the Dam come from reliable sources of persons who did the original survey of the site, which really is not important. 9 billion or 100 billion, we do not need the dam, why build it? STOP SITE C DAM, AND COIN OPERATED POLITICIANS.
     Besides, the Garden Party wants to grow beans on the Agriculture Reserve land now under the threat of flooding. BC FEEDS BC IN SIX YEARS.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Homeless, Criminal Offence, Canada.

     Instead of Empathy for those who find themselves living on the street, many of 'the public', business, police, and courts treat the homeless like criminals. Harassment, tickets, and worse. Nothing like being rejected as a equal human being by "people of the system" to lose respect for the whole society, and not give a dam about the general public.
     First thing that needs changing is pubic civil servants attitudes and the mistreatment of the homeless. That only compounds problems, cost mega bucks more that could be better spent on things like free, on demand detox programs, safe places for people to hang out with Public Bathrooms open 24/7. These simple things can easily be done while we get the 'homeless problem' solved. 
     The fact that people are "homeless' is everybody's problem, and more often than not, homelessness is caused by failures of our 'systems'. We can work on eliminating the causes and in partnership with the homeless address their needs. If we care, we are halfway there, and if enough people care, everybody will feel at home. 
    Mr Ed.
   Three Hens