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Saturday, February 6, 2016

World Borders Dissolved.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders considers all borders Composted. This will allow the free flow of all oppressed and disenfranchised people to easily find a place in the world where they can put down roots and have the possibility of a peaceful garden and fulfilling life. 
     It is expected that there will be mass displacement of people moving from sectarian and impoverished areas such as Yemen, Libya, Saudi Arabia, USA, Lebanon, Bahrain, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, and other oil and mineral rich countries from South America and Africa. Canada's Population could increase from 34 million to 350 million in the next ten years. About 200 million from the US are expected to move before two Great Walls gets built from the Atlantic to the Pacific to prevent Americans from escaping the biggest Arms Peddling Country the world has ever known. Also Known for being Great at holding more people in prison than the rest of world combined. An indication that the USA may not be such a Great Place for 95% of the population. 
     Tent cities are fastest growing development in the US. Politicians in Canada are now offering Prison Cells for the growing number of Homeless to put up their tents. Every tent removed out of sight is replaced by two more, soon the politicians will have tents in their back yards. Capitalism is hard at work in Canada and the fruits of its labour are visible in Downtown Victoria, BC. 
     Two days after the Garden Party moved plants into Victoria's biggest Tent City, the occupants were given eviction notices for Feb 25th. We recommend instead the eviction of Bankers, Lawyers, The Chamber of Commerce, 13 mayors, Real Estate Board, CRD, Santa Claus, and the Fraud Elected Provincial Government for immediate improvement. All evicted will be given Tents and Garden hoes, to keep things on a level playing field with others already taking advantage of Global Warming.
     BC FEEDS BC IN SIX YEARS, and just a reminder from Our Esteemed Minister For More Unemployment, Buy Nothing this month so we can match the 10,000 jobs that evaporated in January. Happy Tenting, or Iglooing, depending on your location. 

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