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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Way of operating Today, on Trial

     Spain, corruption in the social structure of power, and the people are upset. Like in just about every other country, no matter what form of government, none appears to work for the long term. What is common to all systems?, the people find out what is going on and get upset. Every established Government Knows, that if people are upset, it is time to get worried. But privilege is hard to give up. After a few years of Special Treatment, like white root fungus that attacks garlic, once the rot gets in the soil it spreads through the whole garden, and has to starved out. 
     This is our assumption. First action to resist privilege; help the need, starve out the greed. In the process of being in control of where your energy goes, and knowing who and what you are enabling, giving no special treatment will instantly put 'privilege' in the compost. 
     Be sure to police yourself in the process. The Garden Party Budget has nothing in it for a  Police Force, Courts, or Jails, the entire Budget is directed to our privileged Department of Emergency Response. Need a job, we have 200,000 vacancies for self funded Ministers, a limited number of shovels can be provided. Apply now and get a free shovel, and for the first five to show up we will throw in a hoe and five kilos of sprouting potatoes. Spring is here, A new form of Government is taking place in Spain and Canada, plant potatoes to get through the chaos of transition.

    A cultivated wild onion immune to white root rot.

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