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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Vacant Sites

     All Vacant Sites in cities should be reserved as green spaces and Gardens. There is not a housing crisis in BC, there are plenty of large houses with one or two people living in them, and lots more empty, some being held as a safe place to hide ill gotten gains from far away places. There are hundreds of Fully Equipped Motor Homes Parked in back yards and in storage that could be used as temporary housing by removing Local Chamber of Commerce lobbied for Laws forcing people to rent, buy or build. Laws that make living in mobile homes illegal. Laws made to make money for a few, at the expense and hardship of many. The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Declares all Laws Made Of, By and For Greed; Composted. Also, let it be known from the roof tops, The Garden Party Has Composted requirements for licence plates and insurance on all motorized vehicles used as homes, including cars. 
     Provide Motor Homes for refugees to drive around the country, that would give them a chance to see what is here, meet different people, figure out how to survive, what the options are etc. No doubt the Garden Party could give refugees rural places to park, live and work, but first of all we have to make refugees out of our Chambers of Commerces that value profits before the best interests of the whole Community. Local Food, local Gardens, Compost Chambers of Funny Money, feed the Refugees, Start a Garden. 

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