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Monday, February 1, 2016

Tent City Garden, BC.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of BC without borders, has sent garlic, strawberries, flowers and Raspberry Canes to Victoria's First Tent City. With our passing of Bill C~22, it is now legal to plant food, in all ditches, boulevards, and on Her Majesty's Land Claims (we did not ask her but are sure she won't mind homeless caretakers feeding themselves). 
     Time to Flip the House Flippers, Sell your house now and get the cash in your pocket, Vancouver produces only one product, garbage. The inflow of Steel, Wood, Food, Water and Energy into the cities to be turned into garbage and pollution as an outflow is not sustainable. We expect an outflow of people from all centres of Insanity (cities), so forget about working for House Flippers, stop buying or selling land, bankrupt the legal criminals and if they want to eat, suggest a fork and shovel.

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