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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Money Replacement.

     The simplest form of organizing society needs no money, or alternative measure of exchange. Guaranteed Income for everybody and still have a form of money, keeps a lot of people wasting time and resources. Simple, work our way out of money, eliminate spending, decrease selling. Receive and Give. Make your Social Contribution, and when or if you need it, receive Social Assistance. Fix up your community, everybody needs to eat wholesome food, organize local food production. Find a way, the gardener knows how. No money required for food.
     If the dentist stopped charging, the food would be free, the plumber would be free, the carpenter, the baker, the candle stick maker, would all be free. The baker of course wants to provide fine bread for all, if help is required, the unemployed candle stick maker would naturally jump into the dough. Keep track to bake enough bread and count the cavities in your teeth, but never have to keep track of money again. 
     One step at a time, we are doing fine, keep moving foreword dropping and stopping old addicting habits like money, and believing a grain of sand can be owned by a creature. 
      Gardens still expanding, planted extra potatoes today. More money can go in the compost if you can get our priceless spuds. 
     BC FEEDS BC IN SIX YEARS! Start Digging.
    BC Rock Gardens.

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