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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mark of the beast.

     What else can you call it, Canadians cannot move. They appear to be chained to whatever they are doing, and stopping is not possible. They must continue out of fear things will get worse for themselves the moment they stop, so, they keep on feeding the beast, even when they know that it will ultimately devour them, but not right now. Sad state of affairs. Almost a hopeless state of affairs. Wired to the combine, thrashing and being thrashed.
      So breaking the chains, breaking free of the beast, while the majority continue to enforce them, requires improvisation, something long time Gardeners get good at accomplishing. Money is the Tool of the Beast. The less you need,  the more you starve the Beast. That is what the Garden Party is all about, the price of our pickles, canned tomatoes, dried fruit, beans and mushrooms has not gone up with the Falling Canadian Dollar, and it is still priceless. Part one, first revolutionary act, control of our food supply at a local level, and that control will be kept free from the Beast that would Devour The Planet For Money. 
     So regardless as to where you are chained on the Combine, growing a garden will lengthen the chain and drag the Combine to a halt. It has slowed down the last couple of years, keep up the good work, dig in, and Happy Buy Nothing Day.

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