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Friday, February 12, 2016

Made in Canada: Homeless.

     Structured Society, like Canada, stagnates by custom, over regulation, and law. Take "Homelessness" for example, if regulation is not the cause, it certainly is not the solution. Under regulation, the best that is getting done at present to end 'homelessness' is allowing treatment of symptoms making an industry of temporary relief, temporary shelter and consecration camps for the poor. Under present Regulations, corrupted monitory system, waste based economy, structured to death legal gobble, expect a continuous flow of 'homelessness'.
     Of Course The Garden Party is The Government of Canada (at least until we haul the Elected Government of Canada into court, date not set yet, June likely) and does not come under any Law other than Natural Law, therefore we pay careful attention to Natural Law, and are immune to all other regulation and laws by Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments. The Garden Party collects no taxes, license fees, parking tickets or forced gifts. It is a pay as you go fully participatory Self Government full of leaders following themselves, this has made it possible for The Garden Party to take on multiple endeavours, unstoppable by regulation, money or structured Government. With a good Heart and Will, a Way will be found every time.
     The Garden Party is looking for Farms, Large and Small, from BC to Manitoba. Because The Garden Party Operates Completely Unstructured it can adapt to any situation and terms for best land use. Improving and evolving, changing all agriculture to best practices for sustaining generations. We are Shovel Ready and do not need Federal Government Hand Outs. Gifts that come with strings and regulations would only slow us down from pushing the whole compost box foreword, ending 'homelessness and unemployment'.
     CANADA FEED CANADA IN SIX YEARS, without Monsanto.

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