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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Insurance is Fraud

     Expect lots of layoffs in all financial institutions for 2016.  Insurance  companies will go broke with the slightest disaster, they are all top heavy, their patrons are broke, outflow of cash exceeds income, corruption exists from clients to Management. Insurance is a legalized shake down racket, forced on everyone by law. The Insurance Industries are just another high maintenance absolutely useless enterprise leeching and fleecing the people, not to mention the environmental  impact. Real Costs, no Benefits, yet, like it or not, whatever you buy, you also give a piece of the action to the Shake Down Racketeers. The Insurance Industry. Put them Into the Compost, The Whole Works.
     The Garden Party, Self Government Without Borders by unanimous agreement Declares Insurance Institutions a Public Hazard responsible for thefts, fires, and even murders. Their disintegrating is expected to be so rapid that duck tape and crazy glue will not hold the scam together in 2016.
      We are now looking for Land around cities and towns From Victoria BC to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, to grow food for and with occupants of the Tent Cities now filling up with laid off Oil Patch Workers and Insurance Agents. If land is not available, the Garden Party is Prepared to Occupy and Garden Her Majesties Highways.
   2016, Free the Land from Monoculture Year, just for local long term food insurance.  

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