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Friday, February 19, 2016

Getting My Feet Back On The Ground.

     All the Kids that left the Farm for the tinsel and glitter of the city are now looking back at what they left behind. We expect thousands to be heading back this year to get their feet back on the ground, and change the agricultural face of Canada. 
      Working without the stress and noise of the city, clean air, fresh water, healthy food, and a healthy respect for natures diversity. This is a forward move, we have been through our monoculture, chemical, big machine, rape and pillage farming, and now we are going to change everything from coast to coast. Food on the shelves of corporate stores cannot be trusted, are wastefully packaged, poisoned, destroy the land used for production, and often of little nutritious value. This is the beginning of THE END OF CORPORATE TOXIC FOOD.
    We expect, once informed, old farmers who love their piece of dirt but will soon be buried in it, would like nothing better than to put that land in the hands of a younger generation for good stewardship.  REFUGEE GARDENERS WITH SHOVELS, will be coming out of the cities looking for dirt this Spring, accommodate.

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