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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Garden Party Olympic Games.

      This is a replacement for the Canceled Official Public Funded Corporate Olympics, by The Garden Party. When the world has millions of people fleeing for their lives and need help, tens of thousands of other people, more like hundreds of thousands are focused on Gladiator competitive sports 24/7. Well maybe if they all competed using shovels to grow the most food, they would all deserve a Metal.
      There might be something said about maturing human beings being able to get priories straightened out and Grow Up. Put the fun back in sports, get exercise and play in season. Get the money out of sports. And idols are made by Idolaters. 
     All Flying Gladiators are Grounded, the Metal they will all be given is Iron. A flat solid piece of Iron with a strong wooden Handle attached. The first Gladiator to ware out a shovel will get a new Flat piece of Iron, with bragging rights for a couple of days. Feed The People.
     WORLD FEEDS WORLD IN SIX YEARS, without Monsanto, with or without Gladiators. Have extra baseballs if kids want them, other things are a priority right now.
     Miners Lettuce, mild early green.
   Putting out strawberries.

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