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Friday, February 19, 2016

Dirty Little Police Secrets.

     The Dirty Little Secrets of Prisons, Churches, Police, Judges, Government, Military, Charities, Schools, are coming out. Lots of folks are worried about their image should their dirty little secret go public. One after another are coming out in Canada, before the media has worn out one dirty secret, they have another dirty little secret to expose all that happened. All kinds of real nasty stuff has been going on in the recent past, to pretend it is not happening right now is living in a fairy tale. Dirty little secrets not yet exposed. The floodgates are opening, lots of laundry to be washed out and hung in the sun, blow your whistle, cry foul, stay clam, carry on. Nothing less than a complete readjustment to a evolving improvement of the quality of life and a sustainable environment. 
     There is a lot of dirt in the garden, dirty hands, clean work, Garden Party Dirty Little Secret.
     Just a reminder Feb 21st, World Do Nothing, Buy Nothing, Holiday! Fishing and Gardening Exempt.

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